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Our custom, Australian made & designed Zen Space Standing Desks are designed to bring productivity and health into your workspace at an affordable price.

Standing up desks are built with stability and aesthetics in mind, our electric height adjustable desks allow you to take physical breaks without looking away from the task at hand. Easy height adjustments made simple with the press of a button or a tap of your phone in our app. Choose from a wide range of sit and stand desks, monitor arms and healthy workplace accessories to make your day at your desk more enjoyable.

Accessories that Compliment Your Desk

Accessories That Compliment Your Stand Up Sit Down Desks

Boost performance and health with our sit stand desks and top it off by adding functional and aesthetic accessories to make your adjustable desk complete. Under desk cable management is essential, add built in power points to eliminate messy cables running between your desk and power source. Add a under desk drawer to keep your desk free from clutter and safe. Monitor arms free up desk space while improving your posture which helps to reduce neck pain and headaches. Love your adjustable sit stand desks even more with a range of products designed to help!

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