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How To Choose The Best Office Chair

Choosing the best office chair can be a complicated business! Knowing which office chair will suit you is difficult because of course, we are all different. However, by selecting an ergonomic office chair which allows you the flexibility to adjust your position, you may well find your best fit. But that’s not the only option. Below we discuss what options you have, what features you should look for, and why.


What Makes A Good Office Chair?

Of course, what works for one person might not be appropriate for another. That’s why when choosing what to buy, office chair reviews are not always so helpful. For example, a reclining office chair could be perfect for some, depending on your posture, your body shape and the nature of your work. Equally, this may not work at all for you.

adjustable office chair
Omega Ergonomic Office Chair


The main concern when choosing a chair is that it properly supports your back, to avoid placing unnecessary strain on your spine, neck, and shoulders. As we come in all shapes and sizes, it often makes sense to choose an ergonomic office chair that grants you the maximum flexibility to adjust your position. If you will be spending extended lengths of time in your chair, a chair made from a breathable material such as a mesh office chair will ensure you remain cool.


How To Select An Office Chair?

When trying to select the best ergonomic chair, Australia has so many options it can be dizzying. You’re probably still wondering how exactly do I choose an office chair? The basics of what makes a good chair are easy enough to understand though. Below we’ve provided a step by step guide, covering all you need to be looking at when you make your choice.

Chair Material

Selecting a chair with a breathable material will ensure you remain cool. This is important if you’re going to spend any length of time seated. A mesh office chair is a great way to go, and can also provide additional back support, although there are other breathable materials in use which also work.

Adjustable Headrest

Although not all office chairs have them, one element of office chair design is the adjustable headrest. Being able to set this to the exact position you need will relieve strain on the spine, and those who tend to slouch can help maintain a better posture.

Adjustable Armrest

Nearly any ergonomic office chair you look at will feature adjustable armrests. This is for two reasons. First, the angle you keep your arms at relative to your keyboard should be maintained at 90 degrees, and armrests can help with this. The wrong seating position can lead to RSI type injuries and strain your arm, shoulder and neck muscles.

Adjustable Backrest

To ensure the best back support for office chair usage, you will need to be able to alter the position of your backrest. Whether you choose a high back office chair or a more standard model, keeping your back in the right position is crucial.

adjustable desk and ergonomic chair
Omega Ergonomic Office Chair with the Zen Bamboo Ergo Edge Standing Desk


Adjustable Lumbar Support

With so many back problems manifesting in the lower back, lumbar support is probably the most important function an ergonomic office chair performs. But as the amount and angle of support required will vary from person to person, the ability to adjust this is often desirable.

Adjustable Chair Height

A comfortable office chair will be one that is set at the right height. The angle of your arms to the keyboard and the level of your eyes relative to the screen are crucial factors, ensuring you maintain the correct posture. So the ability to adjust the height of your seat relative to your desk and screen is absolutely essential.

Waterfall Seat Edge

In a seat with a waterfall seat edge, the front has a rounded waterfall-like edge, not unlike the curved, smoothened rock at the edge of a waterfall. Waterfall seat design relieves the pressure from your thighs and lower legs with its contours and a slight slope.

Castor Wheels For Mobility

Being able to move around easily to reach objects means you place less strain on your back when leaning in unnatural positions. The best desk chair should allow you to move around easily. Castor wheels allow easy mobility, reducing the need to bend and overreach.

black ergonomic office chair
Omega Ergonomic Office Chair


What Is An Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic office chairs are designed first and foremost with the human body in mind, as the name suggests. Whether or not they are the most comfortable office chair, they are definitely the best for your health. This is because ergonomic chair designs will prioritise the promotion of a neutral posture.

If you tend to work late, the best computer chair for long hours should feature adjustable armrests, backrest, tilt, have padded seats and swivel to allow ease of movement. The most important feature of the ergonomic chair, however, is lumbar support, and on the most ergonomic chair models, this will also have a variety of adjustable positions.


What Makes A Chair Ergonomic?

The fact they are designed with your body in mind, and the range of adjustments possible, is normally what defines an ergonomic chair. Exactly how this is executed in design can vary depending on the intended use, and therefore an ergonomic gaming chair may differ subtly from an ergonomic computer chair. However, the core principles remain the same.


How To Adjust An Ergonomic Chair

When adjusting a chair there are a number of key things to keep in mind.

Height: You should set the height so your eyes are level with the top of your monitor. You should be able to place both feet flat on the floor, with your legs bent roughly at a right angle, in a seated position.

Arm Rests: Your lower arms should be level with your keyboard when bent at 90 degrees, with your upper arms parallel to your spine. The height of your seat will also impact on this.

Back Tilt: Many people feel more comfortable leaning back, and if this is the case then you can adjust this to an extent. Remember though that a laid back position, although good for the lower back, can place strain elsewhere, especially on the neck. An angle as close to possible to 90 degrees should be aimed for, ideally.

Lumbar Support: Many chairs now feature changeable lumbar support positions. The key to setting this up is to find the position you feel most supported in, once the other adjustments are correct.


What Is The Best Ergonomic Office Chair?

best ergonomic office chair australiaThe best ergonomic office chair will depend to some extent on your needs, your budget and the amount of time you will be spending on it. For some, especially those with no current back problems and good posture, a cheap ergonomic chair can be more than sufficient, especially if sitting is only a small part of your workday. For people who sit for extended periods of time, suffer from back pain, RSI or simply have poor posture, a chair that offers more support, more adjustable parameters and more flexibility will be appropriate.


Types Of Office Chairs

There are many different approaches to the office chair, and so how to decide what type of office chair is best? Some knowledge of the different styles and approaches on offer would certainly be a good starting point. Below we’ve listed some of the more commonly found types available.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Our ergonomic chairs combine great design with maximum flexibility. The Echo Task Chair is the most affordable and will suit most people. Those more concerned with their spinal health should consider the Alpha Ergonomic Office Chair or the Omega Ergonomic Office Chair. These both offer maximum flexibility as well as adjustable lumbar support. In our opinion, the best ergonomic office chair Australia has to offer.

Mesh Office Chairs

Nowadays, many chairs are designed with the principles of ergonomics in mind and many are posture-friendly. This is of course true of the ergonomic mesh office chair. If you’re looking for an everyday office chair, sunshine coast temperatures might mean staying cool is also a priority. And the mesh is multipurpose: not only does it breath enabling you to stay cool, but the mesh will also change shape and ‘give’ as you sit to match the curve of your spine, aiding a comfortable position, and helping to relieve strain on your back.

Executive Office Chairs

If you’re looking for a luxurious, heavy-duty office chair, you might want to look into executive office chairs. These chairs are padded, often ergonomically designed, and often they belong to the boss. They will also be super comfortable, a little bit opulent, and make a statement. They’re available in a nearly any colour, so if you’re looking to make an impression, or just want to look the part in your executive white office chair, this could be for you.

Leather Office Chairs

Pretty much an extension of the executive chair idea, leather office chairs take the idea and the opulence one step further. These are the most expensive of all the office chairs, but money can be saved by buying in polyurethane or bonded leather. Mesh office chairs are a far more breathable material, especially if you’re sitting in them for long hours. But don’t worry, if you really want a genuine leather office chair, Australia has plenty on the market.

Swopper Chairs For Active Sitting

Swopper Classic Sitting Stool

Although it is not recommended you use a swopper chair for an extended period of time, interchanging between these and an office chair is a great idea. Swopper stools use a spring-mounted adjustable base to allow movement in 360 degrees, whilst also supporting the spine. This strengthens the muscles around the spine and the core, meaning you’re less likely to develop back problems and related pain.

Our Swopper Classic Sitting Stool is a great option if you want to mix up your position during the workday. Or if your work sometimes requires you to stand, or you simply prefer to, the Muvman Sit Stand Office Stool allows for this also.

Kneeling Chairs

With a different approach to the ergonomic chair, kneeling designs can lessen the burden on the lower back, by placing the weight onto your shins and legs. These should also be interchanged with a more traditional seated chair, as it is not recommended you use an ergonomic kneeling chair for extended periods.


What Is The Best Office Chair For Back Support?

Whether you’re looking for good computer chairs, the best study chair or the best office chair, the principle remains the same. Choosing a chair with ergonomic design, and as much flexibility to adjust the position to suit your needs is key. This will ensure you can work comfortably and pain-free, without risking problems like back pain and RSI. By combining them with a swopper stool, you can actually improve your core strength and spinal health during the workday!


Where To Buy An Ergonomic Office Chair?

If you’re looking for the best office chair Australia has then we have you covered. Experts in ergonomic desk chairs, Brisbane’s Zen Space Desks can help with this, stand up sit down desks and much more. We ship Australia-wide. Visit our site today to find out more!


Looking for more information on how to choose the best office chair? Take a look at the infographic below:

choose best office chair infographic

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