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Your Office Workers’ Health & Why You Should Care

Office workers around the world are collectively amassing countless health issues resulting from the ever-increasing number of hours spent sitting down. Ranging from relatively minor physical ailments like backaches and eye strain to serious issues like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyles can even put people at risk of life threatening conditions heart […]

Walking Meetings Vs Standing Desks

We are so lucky to live in the era we do, with unprecedented access to technology and solutions to keep us healthy at work. Once-dangerous factory jobs and construction and labor positions have become regulated for worker safety, and we continue to develop tools to make jobs faster, easier, and safer. In general, the development […]

Top 10 Tips For Improving Wellbeing In The Workplace

If you’re reading this article because you’ve already decided that you want to boost your workplace wellness, congratulations. You’ve already taken the most important step towards improving your health. With a little motivation, you’ll soon fall into healthier habits that will keep you happier and more productive and might even inspire your coworkers to make […]

Is Using A Standing Desk Really Like Running A Marathon?

Some habits can simply be made or broken all at once, but others need training and a gradual buildup. In general, any major physical lifestyle changes should be eased into, whether it’s changing your workplace posture or the kinds of food you eat. We’re all used to the tired, sore feeling of unusual physical activity, […]

Motivations to Help You Remember to Stand

The team here at Zen Space like to follow up with our existing customers to see how they are getting on with their new sit-stand desks and one of the most common questions we hear is: ‘I made a commitment to sit less at work, but I’m having trouble remembering to actually do it. I […]

The Value of Standing Desks – What Does The Research Say?

A recent analysis of available data has left some people confused about the value of standing desks. One study in particular, the Cochrane review of 20 sit-stand studies, offered confusing results and garnered a lot of attention. 1 Is there evidence that standing desks improve our health?1.1 Everything In Moderation1.2 Plenty of Evidence2 What We Know2.1 […]

Sitting All Day is Like Living in Space

If human beings were designed to live in space, we would have been born in space suits—or at least without these giant, needy lungs. Instead, every tiny and seemingly insignificant aspects of our bodies are designed to exist and flourish under the multitude of gravity’s effects, most of which carry on unnoticed all day long. The team […]

How to Choose the Right Standing Desk

It’s a lot easier to make the decision to switch to a standing desk than it is to actually choose a standing desk. From casual bloggers about workplace habits, to research studies and educational websites, there is no shortage of information available showing that sedentary lifestyles, including sitting at work for extended periods, are bad for your health. We […]

Tips For Using A Standing Desk

We are made to move. Our bodies are designed for activities like running, jumping, and swimming, and a sedentary lifestyle is a hazard to the health. In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death globally, attributing 3.2 million annual deaths to insufficient physical activity. Sitting around […]

Sitting and Standing Desks Pros and Cons

Sitting on your rump simply does not cut it anymore when you’re working for hours upon hours on end. We’re all consistently looking for the best way to work. Whether we place importance on comfort or our health is based on the individual decision just as the decision to eat a cheeseburger is made for some while […]