standing desks back pain

How Can Standing Desks Help Back Pain?

National Pain Week starts today and so there’s no better time to talk about how standing desks can best help with back pain. With many of us still spending the majority of our time sitting at work, lower back and middle back pain problems are still very common. With so many different back pain solutions available, it’s difficult to know the right way to go. But by und...
Standing Makes You Smarter Work

Standing Makes You Smarter

Standing desks became really popular in the early 2000s but faded away like most early 2000 fads (think studded belts, Blink 182 and Razor scooters). They have recently seen a return to form, with everyone from your local GP to Greg from accounting singing their praises. Standing Up Is Healthier It's clear that standing is better than sitting. You burn more calories...
exercise prevents prostate cancer

Combat Prostate Cancer With Exercise

Men’s Health week starts today and we’d like to highlight proactive behavior that could prevent prostate cancer. Prevention is always better than a cure. Taking steps to avoid life-threatening diseases could ultimately change the path of your life. Physicians and researchers have found that physical activity can improve health both physically and emotionally. Positive physical...
multiple sclerosis symptoms

Treating Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

It’s World Multiple Sclerosis Day today so we’d like to bring awareness to what the Multiple Sclerosis definition (frequently referred to as ‘MS’) is and how it can be managed through natural lifestyle shifts such as exercise and diet. While a multiple sclerosis diagnosis is not curable, natural measures taken can increase recovery time from attacks and effectively manage sympt...
exercise lower hypertension

Exercise Can Lower Hypertension

It’s World Hypertension Day today so let’s bring awareness to what it is and the best ways to treat it! Hypertension is another word for high blood pressure and is a common cardiovascular disease. So what defines hypertension? According to the CDC hypertension is where the pressure of your blood is higher than what is considered healthy and normal. Hypertension affects mil...
How to Exercise with Asthma

How To Exercise With Asthma

It’s World Asthma Day today so it's time to encourage awareness of those living with asthma. According to the World Health Organization, around 235 million people live with asthma worldwide. It is one of the most common chronic diseases among children and is a worldwide public health issue. On World Asthma Day, what can we do to help people manage their asthma and have an en...

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