Happier At Work

Having A Bad Day? Here’s How To Be Happier At Work

With today being R U OK Day, we're out to celebrate making connections with your colleagues and loved ones. Happiness in life and work is so important in order to prevent depression and suicide. Ask your colleagues how they're doing and try the tips in this article to help keep yourself happy at your workplace. What actually makes people happy at work, though? Is it the...
womens health workplace standing desks

Women’s Health | Successful Practices in the Workplace

Today marks the start of Women's Health Week! It’s a wonderful time to celebrate women and look into different ways to support women daily. Women play a large role in the family household and in the workplace. Supporting women in the workplace can make a major difference for the prosperity of the business, and the success of a working mother. Employers should take the c...
standing desks boost productivity

Can Standing Desks Boost Productivity?

If you scoffed when you heard that sitting is the new smoking, we have some news for you! Unfortunately, a lot of research has proven that extended periods of sitting can have a detrimental effect on your health. In fact, people who sit for a long time have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. It’s no surprise to see height adjustable s...
standing desks back pain

How Can Standing Desks Help Back Pain?

National Pain Week starts today and so there’s no better time to talk about how standing desks can best help with back pain. With many of us still spending the majority of our time sitting at work, lower back and middle back pain problems are still very common. With so many different back pain solutions available, it’s difficult to know the right way to go. But by und...
Standing Makes You Smarter Work

Standing Makes You Smarter

Standing desks became really popular in the early 2000s but faded away like most early 2000 fads (think studded belts, Blink 182 and Razor scooters). They have recently seen a return to form, with everyone from your local GP to Greg from accounting singing their praises. Standing Up Is Healthier It's clear that standing is better than sitting. You burn more calories...
exercise prevents prostate cancer

Combat Prostate Cancer With Exercise

Men’s Health week starts today and we’d like to highlight proactive behavior that could prevent prostate cancer. Prevention is always better than a cure. Taking steps to avoid life-threatening diseases could ultimately change the path of your life. Physicians and researchers have found that physical activity can improve health both physically and emotionally. Positive physical...

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