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How do you stay fit at a desk job

How Do You Stay Fit at a Desk Job?

We work hard for the money, and it works hard on our bodies. Long workdays can take a toll on the body and the mind. Goodies in the office and after work happy hours tend to make us lose track of our self-care. When working in an office takes up most of your day, you may catch yourself gaining weight without even noticing it! Being in the office all day should not stop you...
Can an Ergonomic Office Design Prevent Work Related Injuries v

Can an Ergonomic Office Design Prevent Work-Related Injuries?

Ergonomics is a science that deals with arranging and designing an environment so that it can be used safely and easily. You can use ergonomics to prevent injuries through the reduction of mental and physical stress as a result of the way a workstation is arranged. When you focus on the way a workstation is set up as well as the tools that you use, you can greatly reduce your...
Making a Good Home Office Setup Even Better

Making a Good Home Office Setup Even Better

Every day, more and more people are realising the benefits that come with working from home, whether that be as individual small business owners or remote employees. Interconnectivity as at a point now where you needn’t be physically with anyone else to gain new information. Information board apps, instant messaging apps like Skype, task managers like Slack or Asana and better...
Stand To Prevent Sitting Disease

Stand To Prevent Sitting Disease

The term “Sitting Disease” is not a medical term, rather a scientific one, and is usually used when talking about metabolic syndrome and the adverse effects of an overly inactive lifestyle. Yes, one can be overly inactive! At this time the medical community does not recognise Sitting Disease as a diagnosable disease. However one feels it’s only a matter of time. We Are Sitt...
pain free posture

Pain Free Posture

One of the greatest differences in the average human life now compared to 50 years ago is the amount of time we spend sitting, looking at a screen. It has been shown that we are not designed for these long periods of sitting up with a bright monitor right in front of their face. There have been several studies showing negative impacts on bone alignment, joint integrity, and...
tax time business

Getting The Most Out of Tax Time For Your Business

This May, the annual federal budget was announced by the Treasurer in front of parliament. A lot of focus was put on personal tax cuts, with a program being released that would help focus on improving the transportation infrastructure in Australia. Unfortunately, there was less change pertaining to small businesses than was hoped for. However, there are a few things that have...
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