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Zen Desks 5 Year Warranty
Zen Up Desk Australia

Custom Professional Series

@media only screen and (min-width: 1000px) and (max-width: 5000px){body.kc-css-system .kc-css-1953746{width: 50%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-3073693{width: 50%;}}The client on this project had a large area to work with, that faced clients as they walked into their office. This is where our custom professional series was perfect for the job. In an industry relying heavily on...
Zen Space Sit and Stand Desk Australia

Creating a Corporate Environment to Suit Your Team

@media only screen and (min-width: 1000px) and (max-width: 5000px){body.kc-css-system .kc-css-1842092{width: 100%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-4273802{width: 33.33%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-2330770{width: 33.33%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-2842300{width: 33.33%;}}Welcome to our weekly favourites where we'll feature a few shots and brief story from recently completed fit...
App controls your Zen Space Desk

Swipe to Stand

Did you know that technology can actually help with your health? Don’t believe me? Read on… So we already know the health benefits of a Zen Space height adjustable table, and we know about the cool electronic lifting system tech, but what happens when you get into work, sit down and forget that you have a height adjustable stand up desk? Here’s where technology is here to...
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