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Budget 2019 – Instant Asset Write-Off For Businesses

Attention small business owners! The Australian government has implemented a tax extension that could save you thousands of dollars in tax write-offs. Prime Minister Scott Morrison took to public platforms to announce that, after months of heavy consideration, tax officials have approved the extension of the $20,000 instant asset write-off. SMEs will now have the privilege of the write-off through June 30, 2020, instead of the original term which would have ended in 2019. This is a great time for businesses to begin making investments to improve the productivity of their business and staff. Some see this extension as a way to further extend the deliberation of permanent enforcement of the instant asset write-off scheme. It is not guaranteed that this extension will last through coming years, so small business owners are urged to take advantage of this tax write-off opportunity while it is still fresh.

Make use of this opportunity and take this chance to invest in assets that can be written off in your 2019 taxes. The write-off scheme allows businesses with income and turnover below $10 million to claim and write-off purchases for assets with a value below $20,000 in their tax returns. Under this scheme, businesses are also offered an extension to cover assets with a value up to $25,000.

SMEs’ Instant Asset Write-Off Boosted To $30,000

tax form on top of white folder instant asset write offFollowing the extension of the instant asset write-off, government officials have pitched to increase the write-off allotment to $30,000 for SME’s. Officials aim to increase the write-off amount by $5,000 and open the privilege to medium-sized firms.

The revised write-off initiative was pitched in the 2019-20 federal budget proposal by Australian Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg. The new pitch opens up the write-off initiative to larger scale businesses, increasing the annual revenue limit from $10 million to $50 million. This proposed change opens up great opportunities for small and medium scale SMEs. Businesses will be able to take advantage of this offer by claiming a write-off for every business related purchase made through the date of approval through June 30, 2020. Business owners have the potential to greatly benefit from this write-off scheme. The new proposal opens up this write-off opportunity for over 20,000 new business which will be eligible for the program based on the revised guidelines. This is in addition to the 250,000 businesses who have benefitted from the instant asset write-off throughout Australia.

During his pitch, Treasurer Frydenberg commented on the long-standing deliberation and requests to make the write-off scheme a permanent tax offering for Australian SMEs, mentioning that the government has offered no further extensions past the newly announced date of June 30, 2020.

Many SMEs Are Unaware Of This Scheme

The key to SMEs and taxpayers benefiting from the write-off scheme is knowing that it exists, and understanding what types of purchases can increase the company’s productivity, and serve as a write-off under the scheme. A survey in the last year shows that although over 200k business throughout Australia have benefitted from the write-off, nearly 50% of SME owners were unaware of the opportunity. There is a significant group of small and medium-sized businesses who are completely unaware of the write-off scheme. Small business owners throughout Australia have pushed for initiatives to spread awareness of the opportunity, and they are also aware of the responsibility held by accountants to inform their clients about opportunities and tax schemes. Ultimately, the increase in the instant write-off initiative can greatly improve the cash flow for Australia small business owners. With this in mind, business owners should take steps to make sure they are properly educated and updated on all changes within the government and treasury. Business owners should be aware of bringing tax deductions to the forefront of financial discussions in an effort to increase small-business activity and investments. It is also recommended for owners to begin considering purchases that will increase the productivity within the workspace. The time is now to replace faulty systems, upgrade assets, and invest in new office materials and furniture that will benefit the business.

Invest In Your Business With Tax Deductions

standing desk tax asset
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The time is now for small to medium-sized business owners to benefit from investments with tax deductions. Business owners are encouraged to gain a clear understanding of how the deduction process works, and what are some smart purchases to make to benefit their company as they budget for 2019. Business owners are advised against taking out loans to make tax-deductible purchases, instead, proper budgeting and planning are encouraged. Business owners and community representatives have urged the government officials to aid micro-businesses and new business owners with financial incentives and rebates for smaller purchases. The government has also resisted efforts from small business owners to get the write-off approved as permanent. With this in mind, it is important for small business owners to take advantage of the write-off opportunity before the deadline of June 30, 2020. Business owners are encouraged to review the needs of their company and employees to identify tools that will help the company grow and ultimately benefit from the write-off. Alternative working stations and programs are recommended as practical investments for the workspace.

Purchase Assets For Instant Asset Write-Off

Australians have an opportunity to save money, receive deductions on taxes, and increase the productivity of their business. Create a list of purchases and services that could benefit your small business today. Start by considering the purchase of a height-adjustable standing desk, with the productivity and health of your employees in mind. A standing desk is a major purchase that could ultimately increase the productivity of any SME. If business owners haven’t taken advantage of this offer yet, now is the time.

Government officials have been extremely generous, as this is the second extension offered in this tax break.

Prior to this, it was much more difficult to receive taxes back from write-offs over the amount of $1000. A deduction on a standing desk purchase will be considered within the current instant asset write-off scheme as long as you purchase it before June 30th, 2019. Standing desks are proven to increase the productivity and health of employees of small business owners. Business owners are urged to take advantage of the government’s write-off extension by purchasing a Zen Space desk before June 30th.

A Zen Space Desk could be the perfect purchase for your business. Be sure to order yours before the deadline!

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