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Standing Makes You Smarter

Standing desks became really popular in the early 2000s but faded away like most early 2000 fads (think studded belts, Blink 182 and Razor scooters). They have recently seen a return to form, with everyone from your local GP to Greg from accounting singing their praises. Standing Up Is Healthier It's clear that standing is better than sitting. You burn more calories...

Stand To Prevent Sitting Disease

The term “Sitting Disease” is not a medical term, rather a scientific one, and is usually used when talking about metabolic syndrome and the adverse effects of an overly inactive lifestyle. Yes, one can be overly inactive! At this time the medical community does not recognise Sitting Disease as a diagnosable disease. However one feels it’s only a matter of time. We Are Sitt...

Your Office Workers’ Health & Why You Should Care

Office workers around the world are collectively amassing countless health issues resulting from the ever-increasing number of hours spent sitting down. Ranging from relatively minor physical ailments like backaches and eye strain to serious issues like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyles can even put people at risk of life threatening conditions...

Is Using A Standing Desk Really Like Running A Marathon?

Some habits can simply be made or broken all at once, but others need training and a gradual buildup. In general, any major physical lifestyle changes should be eased into, whether it’s changing your workplace posture or the kinds of food you eat. We’re all used to the tired, sore feeling of unusual physical activity, but we tend to restrict our associations to working out at t...

The Value of Standing Desks – What Does The Research Say?

A recent analysis of available data has left some people confused about the value of standing desks. One study in particular, the Cochrane review of 20 sit-stand studies, offered confusing results and garnered a lot of attention. Is there evidence that standing desks improve our health? It’s important to remember that just because we’re lacking in data doesn’t mean we’re ...
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