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Can an Ergonomic Office Design Prevent Work-Related Injuries?

Ergonomics is a science that deals with arranging and designing an environment so that it can be used safely and easily. You can use ergonomics to prevent injuries through the reduction of mental and physical stress as a result of the way a workstation is arranged. When you focus on the way a workstation is set up as well as the tools that you use, you can greatly reduce your...

Pain Free Posture

One of the greatest differences in the average human life now compared to 50 years ago is the amount of time we spend sitting, looking at a screen. It has been shown that we are not designed for these long periods of sitting up with a bright monitor right in front of their face. There have been several studies showing negative impacts on bone alignment, joint integrity, and...

Getting The Most Out of Tax Time For Your Business

This May, the annual federal budget was announced by the Treasurer in front of parliament. A lot of focus was put on personal tax cuts, with a program being released that would help focus on improving the transportation infrastructure in Australia. Unfortunately, there was less change pertaining to small businesses than was hoped for. However, there are a few things that have...

Standardized Sedentary Behaviour

As a body of research grows studying sedentary time and sedentary behaviours, there is an increasing number of journals and scientific writings that are using a variety of definitions to describe terms like “sedentary behaviour” and “screen time”. This causes confusion, which makes it difficult to come to a scientific consensus about the exact physical consequences of sedenta...

Suffering From “Text Neck”? Here’s How To Fix It

Technology is amazing, and the exponential progress we have made in the last few decades is truly remarkable. The unprecedented levels of convenience and access to information we have today are unquestionably good things. But our increased use of smartphones, tablets, computers, and other pieces of digital technology are causing a very particular kind of injury call text neck...

Is Your Butt Dormant?

It sounds like the setup for a bad joke, but dormant butt syndrome is no laughing matter. Coined by physical therapist Chris Kolba, dormant butt syndrome refers to the weakened gluteal muscles caused by prolonged sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. This is a condition that’s been acknowledged by several other names by other trainers and physical therapists, all referring to the...

Prevent Eye Strain with the 20-20-20 Rule

Many of us are familiar with the discomfort we so often experience after spending a long day at the office, or even a lazy weekend afternoon bingeing a TV series. Eye strain is an extremely common condition and a phenomenon that will likely become ever more common as we spend increasing hours in front of a wider variety of screen devices.It can be hard to notice how much...

Key Lessons For Creating an Active Office

You've probably heard about the idea of the active office but what that means for you and your particular workplace might be less clear. We know we need to be more active in our workplaces, but how does that apply to your particular office? What exactly do you need to do to be more active at work—and is being more active at work even worth it?Not only is it worth it—by a lo...

Walking Meetings Vs Standing Desks

We are so lucky to live in the era we do, with unprecedented access to technology and solutions to keep us healthy at work. Once-dangerous factory jobs and construction and labor positions have become regulated for worker safety, and we continue to develop tools to make jobs faster, easier, and safer. In general, the development and spread of new technology should be...

Top 10 Tips For Improving Wellbeing In The Workplace

If you’re reading this article because you’ve already decided that you want to boost your workplace wellness, congratulations. You’ve already taken the most important step towards improving your health. With a little motivation, you’ll soon fall into healthier habits that will keep you happier and more productive and might even inspire your coworkers to make similar lifestyle c...
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