Can Ergonomic Chairs Help Back Pain?

If you’re living with back pain, giving your best at work can be a challenge! Knowing how to relieve it, is really not easy. With so much advice and so many different approaches out there, it can be super confusing. Trying to figure out what might be the best way to make your days more comfortable can be tough. In this post, we’ll provide you with some solid guidance on how an ergonomic chair could be the answer you’re looking for.


What Causes Back Pain From Sitting?

lumbar support for office chairUnsurprisingly, one of the most common causes of back pain is poor posture. However, poor posture is not only a problem when we’re standing: in fact, it’s just as problematic when we’re sitting down. But sitting down is easy, so it’s quite natural to wonder why does my back hurt when I sit in a chair? The cold hard facts of the matter are, our bodies simply didn’t evolve to be sat down all day. This has many negative consequences for our health, and back pain is the most common. It’s luckily also the easiest to avoid and to combat.

If you spend your day in a cheap office chair, then the chances are your posture is not going to be correct. You might think a simple office chair with footrest alone is enough. But if you’re leaning forwards or slouching backwards, this will lead to stress in shoulders, arms, and legs, and most of all will place a huge amount of strain on the back muscles and spinal discs. As both postures will curve the lower back, this, in turn, will strain the ligaments supporting your spine, which in turn supports your upper body. This alone can be painful enough, but over time can cause spinal problems which can be longstanding if not addressed.

A good ergonomic office chair can make a huge difference, as correct lumbar support for office chairs is so crucial. Even when we sit, the muscles and ligaments in the back, shoulders, arms and legs are working to support our weight. So how do you sit in a chair with lower back pain? More or less the same as if you’re not in pain. Ensuring your eyes are level with the monitor, with your upper arms parallel with your spine and elbows bent at a 90-degree angle is a good start. However, without the right chair, you will still encounter problems.


How Do I Choose A Chair For Back Pain?

Unfortunately, whether or not our bodies are designed to be sitting for most of the day, the reality is we may have to. So a chair that is designed with this, and our bodies in mind, is clearly required. We want our chair to help, but no office chair wheels you straight to the chiropractor. To work at our best, we need not only need to be aware of our posture, nor simply choose what looks like the most comfortable office chair. We need to choose a chair that is designed to provide the lumbar support necessary and allows us to make the adjustments we need to suit our body and posture. Take a look at our best ergonomic chair guide for help on choosing the most suitable chair for you.

office chair back supportThe team at Opseat told us that when selecting an office chair, back support should be forefront in your mind. And so, when selecting an office chair ergonomic design is crucial. Ergonomic chairs are designed with the human body in mind. This means they reduce strain on the shoulders, neck and back, resulting in less pressure on the ligaments supporting the spine. This, of course, means reduced pain: but also can lead to better posture and improved spinal health.

The best office chair for lower back pain will depend on your specific needs. Choosing a chair that allows the flexibility to adjust your position is key. For example, an adjustable lumbar support office chair will allow you to tailor your position to support your back effectively. Knowing this however is great, sure, but how on earth do you know which chair to choose?

The modern office chair comes in so many different guises: the swivel office chair, the high office chair, even the gaming office chair. Should you go for a big leather chair like the boss, a fabric office chair, or are mesh chairs better for your back? Ensuring you’re free of pain and your body is properly supported is paramount; and luckily, when it comes to the ergonomic office chair, Australia has plenty to offer.


What Is The Best Ergonomic Chair For Back Pain?

Which leads us neatly to the big question: what then are the best chairs for lower back pain? Well, the answer may be different depending on your general posture, the nature of your back problems, and the work you perform day-to-day. However, most people will be able to find a good balance using either one or both of the two following approaches.


Ergonomic Office Chairs Relieve Back Pain

best office chair for lower back painOur ergonomic office chairs are not only designed with your back in mind. They also allow you the flexibility to make the micro-adjustments you need, to be 100% comfortable, and to keep your back in good shape.

The Echo Ergonomic Task Chair allows adjustments to the height of your armrests and seat as well as 270-degree backrest rotation. The backrest recline and tilt function are capable of 28 degrees of tilt angle and 4 lock positions, ensuring you will be able to find the position that suits you best. DirectShift™ makes chair adjustments effortless with conveniently placed levers at your fingertips, making this the best budget office chair on the market.

If you feel this isn’t flexible enough though, the Alpha Ergonomic Office Chair features 39 degrees of tilt angle backrest adjustment, lumbar support adjustment.

This stylish designer office chair is fitted with a Wintex breathable mesh backrest and seat for dynamic ‘flex’ support. Our other ergonomic mesh office chair, the Omega Ergonomic Office Chair, ups the flexibility and offers 5 levels of lumbar support adjustment. This stylish black office chair is ultra-durable and features a powder-coated matte aluminum frame. All our chairs feature contour design, to follow the shape of your spine for maximum comfort and support.


Swopper Stools Help Strengthen Your Back

office chair back supportAlternating between this and a swopper stool can help you to not only avoid back pain. You can strengthen your back and core at the same time, reducing the risk of future back problems, and giving yourself a stronger base. Designed by Aeris in Germany, the Swopper Classic Sitting Stool is the brainchild of Joseph and Dorle Gloeckl. Jo is an engineer and Dorle a famous physiotherapist. They combined this expertise to custom design a stool that could help alleviate the problems associated with long term sitting.

The Swopper moves forward, backward, sideways and up/down, and the spring tension mount can be adjusted to move more, or less, relative to your specific needs. These subtle movements can strengthen your back and core. If you prefer a tall office chair, the Muzman Sit Stand Office Stool offers ergonomic design alongside the option to sit or stand. Our fast shipping Australia-wide means that whether you’re located in Canberra or Perth, we have you covered.


Try An Ergonomic Chair Today

If you’re thinking of investing in an ergonomic office chair, Brisbane-based Zen Space Desks can help you to work comfortably and pain-free. If you’re not located in Brisbane and you’d like to try out our office chairs in Sydney and Melbourne, our showrooms there are well worth a visit. Either way, visit the site today and see our whole range of ergonomic office chairs here.

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