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Yes, by making desks to order we can build a desk to your precise requirements. Prices are based on the maximum size bracket you are looking to purchase. i.e. if you are after a 1400mm x 700mm desktop for a Professional Series lifting system base your price on the Medium size. Any changes to the shape may incur a cost so its best to contact us if you have any questions.

All Zen Space Desks are built to order in Brisbane and take 7-10 days to complete. Priority shipping lands desks to metro Queensland in 1 day, metro NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia can expect their desk in 2-3 days. Metro WA & NT 3-4 days. Add 2 days for any regional location.

Yes. Our head office is located in Brisbane. Please contact us to make a booking. Our Brisbane office is open 5 days a week and we would be happy to show you through on a weekend should it be more appropriate. Please contact us to make a booking.

Very strong! Our 2 leg desks can lift 2 small people, 3 leg desks can lift 3 people and our 4 leg desks can lift 4 people! In more detail our desks can lift 120/200/300kg! That’s the best in the industry.

Average is around 10 seconds for a movement from seated (70cm for me) to standing (104cm). Our desks move at an astonishing 40mm per second (unloaded). Put 50-60kg on the desk and it will still move at 32mm per second. Load the desk right up to its capacity and you will slow the desk down to around 23mm per second. Not bad at all!

Yes, over 50 in-fact. If you are after a colour that’s not listed on our website please contact us. We use Laminex finishes for the ultimate in durability and hygiene and build all desks to order. We can send you colour samples to ensure you’re happy with your selected finish if you are looking outside of the standard range.

Zen Space Desks offers a 10 year warranty on Professional Series Desks and 3 years on the Zen One and Beginner Gaming Desk. Since our first prototype in 2012, Zen Space Desks have been testing desks with a 100% success rate. We are able to offer these warranties as we have tested desks in a range of environments from day one.

Yes, and easily retrofitted to any existing top. Please refer to the Desk Frames page to see our lifting systems available to purchase.

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