How To Improve Your Posture at Work

The modern office requires their team members to spend large amounts of time working while seated. Research has demonstrated that long term sitting can have negative effects on your posture which may lead to back pain, rounded shoulders, and poor joints. Learning how to improve your posture at work can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health while also boosting your work efficiency.

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What is Posture?

To best understand how to improve your posture at work, you need to know what posture refers to. Posture is the alignment of your body while seated, lying down, or standing up. People with good posture will have a natural ‘S’ curve to their back and move with relative ease. Poor posture is frequently demonstrated by slouching, rounded shoulders, and the development of a potbelly.

Tips to Improve Posture at Work

Stretching and exercise are excellent ways to work on improving your posture. Incorporating a few days of stretching into your week can help improve flexibility while regular exercise will keep your muscles toned and strong. One particular area to target is your abdominal muscles as these support your lower back and can help prevent slouching.

When crossing your legs do so at the ankle rather than at the knee and wear flat shoes that fit your feet well. Stand with both feet on the ground and distribute your weight as evenly as possible between both legs. When lifting things use your thighs, hips, and knees; not your back. Finally, straighten your spine by standing tall while lowering your shoulders to their natural resting position.

Standing Desks

Staying hunched over for the entire day at work can place a great amount of pressure on your back and neck. Staying in this hunched form may lead to the spine being twisted out of its natural shape. Standing desks will give you the chance to spend more time standing which helps take pressure off the back and neck while keeping the spine in a neutral position.

Incorporating a standing desk from Zen Space Desks into your workspace can alleviate poor posture by increasing your opportunities to stand up and move around. We offer a variety of excellent height adjustable desks to keep you healthy in your workspace.

To maximise the benefits of a standing desk, set the height so your elbows create a 90-degree angle while you are looking forward and standing upright. Keep your monitor an arm’s length away with the top of its screen at or below eye level. For every twenty minutes of sitting, spend 8 minutes standing and 2 minutes moving about to get the greatest benefits from your standing desk.


Another way to improve posture at work is through the use of ergonomic office equipment. The design and layout of your office chair, monitor, and keyboard can impact the health of your spine. We offer a range of ergonomic work chairs to keep you comfortable while keeping your spine supported.

Ergonomic equipment promotes good posture while preventing possible injuries and can increase productivity. Investing in personalised equipment may seem expensive initially but the benefits to comfort, health, and work efficiency are worth it.

Looking for Ways to Stay Healthy at Work?

Understanding how to improve your posture at work is vitally important in modern times as we take to working at home more and more. Zen Space Desks specialises in offering affordable and easy to use office equipment that will improve your workday as well as your posture. To find out more, contact us at 07 3063 2143 or fill out our online contact form.

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