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Improve your Health with a Standing Desk

Improve Your Health With A Standing Desk

Today is World Obesity Day in Australia and we’d like to share some ways to improve your health. In 2018, two thirds (67%) of Australians were obese, an increase from the statistics of 63.4% in 2014-2015. It’s so important for us to incorporate daily activity into our office lives in order to keep ourselves physically fit. Try using a standing desk at your office to get healthier and avoid obesity today.

Why Use a Standing Desk?

To put it frankly, sitting for prolonged periods is killing you. There are countless negative effects that go along with prolonged sitting such as increased risk of cancer, diabetes, bad posture, and premature death. While companies around the globe are more aware of this predicament and are encouraging their employees to take more movement breaks, for many it is nearly impossible to walk away from their desk during the work day. A height adjustable desk offers an alternative to keep you focused on tasks at hand while still allowing you to stretch your muscles and maintain your good health.

Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Standing desks are the way of the future. Our desks have all the benefits you need to start taking better care of your body and mind during the work day. With our L.P.B. cable management system, all the cords that are usually a tangled jumble are kept neat, tidy, and out of sight. Monitor arms and accessories such as anti-fatigue mats, to tidy up the rest of your space are available directly from the site and can be ordered at the same time. Our electronic system is state of the art offering a perfect position memory system.

This means once you find your ideal settings you’ll never again waste time trying to maneuver your desk back to that perfect position. An anti-collision feature is installed so that if your desk shifts of you do not have to worry about accidental damages. As an added bonus, the desks have been designed to move so smoothly and precisely that even a coffee cup filled to the brim will not spill as the desk transitions back and forth from standing to sitting. Zen Space Desks are custom designed to your heart’s desire. You dreamed it and we design it.

Health Benefits Of Standing Desks

standing desk health benefits

A 2017 study in the Oxford Academic showed that standing at your desk leads to an increase in energy expenditure (EE) and this expansion of overall EE leads to increased health and prevention of obesity. It’s possible to burn calories through standing for a period of time daily and you won’t even have to take time out of your busy schedule to exercise. Incorporate these new active habits into your workday and watch your fitness levels and energy levels increase.

In addition to burning calories, standing more can drastically lower your chance of developing breast or colon cancer. Risk for cancer increases from higher levels of c-reactive protein which is known to rise from prolonged sitting.

Standing more can lower your blood sugar levels, decreasing your chance of diabetes which has increased as more and more people find themselves sitting for 8-10 hour work days. Standing right after lunch is proven to return your blood sugar levels to normal faster than people who sit after eating.

Other physical benefits include better posture. By setting your screen just above resting eye level you will naturally stand up straighter improving your posture and developing more core strength.

Equally important to the physical benefits are mental benefits. Standing is known to help fight fatigue so if you find yourself drowsing off at work taking a standing break is just the cure you need. Coupled with fighting fatigue standing creates increased alertness. Standing while working can increase your overall productivity by up to 10%. Not to mention having a working space that looks good will also feel good and increase your overall happiness. Less clutter from cords and an endless amount of customization will make looking and being at your work space more pleasant and positively impact your overall mood. Standing can even make you smarter. Zen Space Desks works with everything from leather, hardwood, vinyl wraps, to polished concrete (an industry first).

Is there a Downside to Standing?

A standing desk will benefit you from the moment you use it. Desks can be designed and delivered in as little as 14 days. Think about what you want and contact Zen Space Desks today, or if you’re unsure get in contact with one of our desk experts and we’ll help guide you on which desk will be best for you. Having a standing desk will change the way you work and feel. You will see and feel the benefits immediately, and we guarantee you won’t regret it. Contact Zen Space Desks today with any questions you might have or take a look at our range of products here.

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