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Monitor Arm Buying Guide

Searching for a monitor arm requires a lot more thought than you would expect. You need to take into consideration the configuration of your monitors, your overall workspace, all the way down to adjustment features for convenience and work/gaming efficiency. There are plenty of questions you would ask yourself, which is why we have put together an effective monitor arm buying guide to help you on your shopping journey.

Browse our computer monitor arms online today and make a purchase for your setup! For more information or general queries, get in touch with us online.

Monitor Arm Buying Guide

What is the Mount Being Used For?

Monitor arms can be used to simply prop your monitor screen off the desk for better ergonomic support, or for more adjustability and space for additional monitor use. If you’re just wanting to prop up your screen, our single monitor arm suits a wide range of monitors and is the perfect accessory for your desk. Whether you own a standard office desk or a standing desk, these arms are a great addition.

VESA compatible, you can get your screen off of your desk and free up that extra space for things that are more important to your zone. Not only is it great for decluttering your work or gaming space, but it also features an internal cable management system to keep your cables intact and out of sight.

The Weight of the Monitor/s

When you’re shopping for your new monitor arm it’s important to remember that each arm has a weight capacity, and each monitor weight differs. Before looking at arms, make sure you know the weight of your screen or screens, to take into account when considering a purchase.

If you’re looking for an arm setup that’s going to support more than one monitor, get used to checking if the mounts weight capacity is per monitor or in total – this will save you a headache in the long run. Add up the total weight of each monitor combined, but also keep note of how much the monitors weigh on their own.

The Size of Your Monitor/s

Along with weight requirements, monitor arms also have a restriction on the size of monitor that they can carry. Make sure you’re measuring your monitors diagonally to get an accurate measurement. If you want your screens to be side by side, measurements will assist with making sure they don’t overlap and sit properly over your desk.

The Zen Space Desk dual screen monitor is a great addition to your sit stand desk with the standard VESA mountain plate. Not only does it free up valuable space on your desk, but it also assists with ergonomic support for your posture. This mount comes with built in cable management channels that run internally through the arms and are a great way to clean up the loose cables around your desk.

The Configuration of Your Monitor/s & Your Desk

One of the main things to keep in mind when shopping for your mount, is the width of your monitor setup compared to the width of your desk. What you want to avoid is too much overhang which can cause significant strain on your neck. Although monitor mounts are used for convenience, they can quickly become an inconvenience to your setup.

Once you understand the layout you want for your monitor configuration, measure it up against the width of your desk to make sure the screens won’t be sitting too far over the edge of your desk (on both sides). Of course, this depends greatly on how many monitors you’re going to be using, so in other cases, its best to make sure that your desk can handle having monitors mounted on it in general for stability.

Ready to Purchase?

If you’d like to know more about our monitor arm buying guide, or you’re wanting to make a purchase, browse our computer monitor arms online or contact our team on (07) 3063 2143 for more! For general queries and information, you can email us on sales@zenspacedesks.com.au today!


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