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Desk Accessories

Standing Desk Accessories

Complete your new and improved setup with functional and aesthetic standing desk accessories to create the ultimate personalised and dedicated zone at work or home. From integrated cable management to pixel on desk power access, Zen Space Desks has an unwavering array of desk accessories on offer.

Better managing and incorporating ergonomic support into your space can instantly improve your productivity and flow while supporting your posture and health the right way. Thanks to our variety of office desk accessories and standing desk accessories, ergonomic support is made easy by being in one place.

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Standing Desk Accessories

Standing Desks

Designed with quality and stability in mind, Zen Space Desks offers 3 electronic lifting systems for our adjustable desk range. The alternation of sitting and standing can produce heightened energy throughout the day, reduced fatigue, and the risk of injury caused by sitting in one position for too long.

Zen Under Desk Drawer

The Zen Under Desk Drawer installs below any universal desk where space is available. With a padded shelf and lockable drawer, these desk accessories will help reduce clutter while maximising the space for your tablet, laptop, or small computer.

Ecopanel Desk Partition

Lightweight, noise-reducing, and recycled from 60% PET plastic bottles, our Ecopanel is one of the most suitable desk accessories for dividing office workstations and keeping reverberated noise and distractions to a minimum. It is easy to install, with the clamps attaching to your sit-stand desk before sliding the partition in. No tools are required.

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Office Desk Accessories

Anti-Fatigue Sit-Stand Mat

Anti-fatigue sit-stand mats can reduce the pressure on your feet, knees, back, and hips while increasing comfort while you work, encouraging you to stand longer.

Desk Mounted Monitor Arms

While maximising your desk space, desk mounted monitor arms can improve your posture due to the effortless adjustment and versatility that allows simple movement of your monitor into any position.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are the perfect addition to your gaming and office desk accessories. With proper lumbar support, full swivel, armrests, and adjustable seat height, our ergonomic work and gaming chairs are designed to promote a neutral posture and prevent or alleviate back problems.

Zen Space Desks strongly believes in boosting your performance and health through using our custom, Australian made and designed desks.

We offer accessories that compliment your stand-up, sit-down desks and that also ensure comfort, performance, and ergonomic support. If you have any queries, feel free to give us a call on 07 3063 2143 or contact us online.

We are here to help kickstart your journey to a healthier and progressive work or gaming lifestyle.


Something for Everyone

Getting the right power and cable management options are essential for optimising your sit-stand desk setup. Our Integrated Cable Management Channel will help you hide away any messy cables, perfectly complimented by our 1Plug Powerstations which make all your powerpoints accessible right under your desk and ensure you have only 1 cable running between the desk and the wall outlet. We also provide a wide range of on-desk power and charging options for all your devices.

Compatible with all desks
Up to 8 power ports
No tools required

Storage and Organisation

Reduce clutter and make the most of your desktop with our collection of storage and organisation tools designed specifically with your standing desk in mind. Discover a variety of options for mounting PCs and laptops and solutions for under desk and on desk organisation for all your peripherals, documents, bags and equipment.

Under Desk Storage
Laptop Stands and Mounts

Privacy and Acoustics

Lightweight, noise-reducing, and recycled from 60% PET plastic bottles, our Ecopanel is one of the most suitable desk accessories for dividing office workstations and keeping reverberated noise and distractions to a minimum. It is easy to install, with the clamps attaching to your sit-stand desk before sliding the partition in. No tools are required. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, the Ecopanel is customisable to suit your needs and will help you create a little extra Zen in your workspace.

Wide Range of Colours
Custom Sizing
Noise Reducing

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put under standing desks?

Our Anti-Fatigue Sit-Stand Mat is perfect for putting under your standing desk. Built to support your feet, knees, back, and hips, the anti-fatigue mat will allow you to work comfortably for long periods while minimising discomfort.

How do you hide cords on a standing desk?

Zen Space Desks offers integrated cable management channels in 4 ports and 8 ports with 3 different colour options. These cable management channels clip right into Zen Space sit-stand frames which means you won’t need to use any tools.

How can I make my standing desk more comfortable?

Zen Space Desks offer multiple desk accessories to assist in the comfort of your standing desk. From our Elevated Laptop Stands, Desk Mounted Monitor Arms, Anti-Fatigue Mats and more, comfort is assured when purchasing Zen Space Desks products.

How can I make my desk nicer?

When it comes to personalising your workspace, adding office desk accessories is a great and low-cost option that will not only tidy up your workspace but can also aid in productivity. Instead of having multiple hanging cables use an integrated cable management system to conceal all of your cabling for a seamless finish. You may also want to consider installing sit stand desk castors which will help you move your desk around to make the most of or your office environment and space.

What accessories should I get for my desk?

When it comes to office desk accessories, the sky truly is the limit. At Zen Space Desks, we carry a wide range of standing desk accessories from on-desk power access, CPU mounts, elevated laptop stands, bag hooks, desk partitions, universal headphone stands and so much more. 

How do you accessorize a standing desk?

Accessorising your standing desk is as easy at 1-2-3. 1. Make a note of what functionality/upgrades you would like to achieve with your new or existing desk. 2. Browse from our range of stand up desk accessories online and speak with our team if you’re unsure of what to choose. 3. Place your order and our team will have it dispatched to you in no time, making your desk a truly personal experience no matter at home or at the office!

Are stand up desk accessories easy to install?

Absolutely! Our entire range standing desk accessories can be fitted without any special knowledge and with minimal tools. If you ever need any help or are unsure of how to install any of our desk accessories, simply get in touch with our team for helpful tips, guides and advice!

What can I add to my office?

When it comes to customising your office, you can’t go wrong with electric sit stand desks and office desk accessories! Make the most of your space with elevated laptop stands, partition systems, cable management systems, CPU mounts, and even desk mounted wireless charging stations. Make your office a truly personal experience with the functionality and design that you need to make the most out of your workday!

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