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Height Adjustable Gaming Desks

Desks for Gamers

Zen Space Desks offers premium height adjustable gaming desks that can match your style and enhance your gaming experience. We provide desks for gamers that are affordable and range from a comfortable base model to a luxurious and spacious sit stand gaming desk capable of lifting all your equipment and supplies. Browse our entire line of high-quality products below and place your order online today!

One of our best gaming desks; includes our Integrated Cable Management Channel with the option to add power ports and monitor arms.

39 Reviews

New in our premium range of height adjustable gaming desks – Ergo-Edge desktop with our Pro-Series Lifting System.

63 Reviews

The best of the best amongst computer gaming desks. Built-in power supply and dual monitor arm on a huge L-shape desktop in your choice of finish. **Please note that this item is excluded from our 50% off sale**

7 Reviews

Sitting is important too, even with height adjustable gaming desks. Stay comfortable while you play with our premium gaming chair.

13 Reviews

40% OFF

A budget friendly option in our range of desks for gamers, the Zen Zero comes in the sleek style of our Expert Gaming Desk, but at a fixed height.

60% OFF

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Try our heigh adjustable desks gaming desks and customize your playing height to suit your exact requirements to gain a superior gaming experience. Improve your health & your characters Health Points (HP). Standing provides a ton of bonuses other than just health benefits including a better mood, greater concentration, focus which all lead to greater performance.

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Zen Space Desks move at an industry leading 36mm per second. With our computer gaming desks you’ll be standing in several seconds and with only the press of a button using our Perfect Position Programmable Memory Solution.

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Achieve greater focus thanks to our range of desks for gamers. Our cable management systems hides all your cables. Out of sight, out of mind. And with our 1 Plug power system you’ll have only one cable running from your desk to the wall.

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Zen Space Desks adjustable monitor arms elevate your monitors, your health as well as your gaming skills. Full adjustment in any direction and suitable for most modern screens and laptops with our universal mounting systems.

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Choose Zen Space Desks – the best gaming desks and say goodbye to feeling restless and uncomfortable from long periods of sitting on a traditional desk. Stand and feel your blood flow, stretch your legs, say bye to muscles cramping, improve comfort, feel healthier and boost energy with one of our custom height adjustable desks for gamers.