Zen Electronic Sit Stand Desks

What’s the difference?

Zen Space Desks offers 3 different electronic lifting systems for our sit stand desk range, each designed with quality and stability in mind. Most of our products seen above feature our two leg ‘Professional Series’ electronic lifting system, boasting impressive capacity, best in market stability and programmability, making this a great all rounder with ‘future proof’ characteristics. We also offer a more economical lifting system known as the Zen One, designed as simple as possible while still providing our core focus on stability and build quality. This product however does have limited sitting height restrictions along with limited weight capacity and is only available with a white desktop.

Finally the ‘Executive Series’ is our 3 Leg L Shape/Corner Desk Lifting system with super smooth movement and class leading weight capacity of 200kg! Not enough? Check out our Quad leg system here which is available with a desktop by special request. Contact us for more info by clicking here or feel free to chat with us via livechat at the bottom of the page.

Our Range of Worktops


Our Australian-made melamine worktops are cut to size and edged right here at our Brisbane factory. Hard wearing, durable and stain-resistant, our melamine is available in a wide range of finishes to match your standing desk to your existing furniture.




Our authentic bamboo tops are a sustainable and durable choice, making a great worktop for your sit-stand desk. They are finished with a semi-gloss polyutherane coating and are a stylish choice for your workspace. Bamboo worktops are available with a straight or curved ergo edge.


Our Rubberwood tops are made from the timber of the Rubber Tree, which produce latex. Rubberwood is harvested from trees at the end of the latex production cycle after the tree has died, making our rubberwood a very sustainable choice. It looks stunning and is extremely durable, making it a perfect worktop for a sit-stand desk.


White Finishes

White Finishes

You’ll notice that products finished in white are slightly cheaper. This is due to a high volume of orders for these worktops, as this is our most popular finish for corporate sit-stand fitouts. This gives us better buying power and better cost, allowing us to pass these savings onto you. Just like our other melamine finishes, the white is hard-wearing and durable and provides a clean aesthetic.


Standing desks are really better for you than typical office desks. They can help to better your health issues like back pain, weight loss and cholesterol. Using standing desks could even lead to a longer life.

See our Standing Desk Guide for more advice.

You should stand at your standing desk for at least 30 mins for every hour spent at the desk. For a long time, experts recommended that people should stand around 15 minutes each hour. Whether you should stand at a standing desk all day is debatable.

Standing desks are expensive as they must be adjustable, which will drive up the price. With people spending too much time seated at their desk, the benefits well outweigh the cost.

How much a sit/stand desk costs can range from around $500 to $2000. The price of sit stand desks will vary depending on the features, materials, quality of build and engineering.

The health benefits of standing desks are:

  • Promotes good blood flow and overall health
  • Standing desks can help you lose weight
  • Lowers blood sugar and reduces risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Boosts energy and improves mood
  • Boosts productivity

View our Standing Desk Guide for more health benefits.

Wondering how to use a height adjustable desk? Increasing the height of your desk is easy, and you can make your desk higher or lower at the push of a button.

Standing desks are often referred to as stand-up desks, but also commonly known as sit stand desks and height adjustable desks.

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