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Height Adjustable Gaming Desks

LEVEL 1! Our most economical, fuss-free gaming standing desk setup.

77 Reviews

Our new premium Ergo-Edge desktop with our Pro-Series Lifting System.

63 Reviews

Includes our Integrated Cable Management Channel with the option to add power ports and monitor arms.

39 Reviews

The best of the best. Built-in power supply and dual monitor arm on a huge L-shape desktop in your choice of finish.

7 Reviews

Sitting is important too, stay comfortable while you play with our premium gaming chair.

13 Reviews

A budget friendly solution in the sleek style of our Expert Gaming Desk, but at a fixed height.

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Find our most suitable gaming desk configuration and customize to suit your exact requirements to gain a superior gaming experience. Improve your health & your characters Health Points (HP). Standing provides a ton of bonuses other than just health benefits including a better mood, greater concentration, focus which all lead to greater performance.

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Zen Space Desks move at an industry leading 36mm per second. Meaning you’ll be standing in several seconds and with only the press of a button using our Perfect Position Programmable Memory Solution.

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Achieve greater focus. Our cable management systems hides all your cables. Out of sight, out of mind. And with our 1 Plug power system you’ll have only one cable running from your desk to the wall.

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Zen Space Desks Adjustable Monitor Arms elevate your monitors, your health as well as your gaming skills. Full adjustment in any direction and suitable for most modern screens and laptops with our universal mounting systems.

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Say goodbye to feeling restless and uncomfortable from long periods of sitting on a traditional desk. Stand and feel your blood flow, stretch your legs, say bye to muscles cramping, improve comfort, feel healthier and boost energy with one of our custom height adjustable desks for gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good desk for gaming?

A good table for gaming should have the following features:

  • Height adjustable for sitting and standing
  • Ideally electronic for smooth transition
  • L shape for multiple monitors & larger gaming surface area
  • Adjustable monitor arms
  • Large enough surface to accommodate screens
  • Sturdy & easy to construct
  • Cable management tray for less clutter
  • Consider an ergonomic chair for when seated
What Kind of Desks are Good for Gaming?

You can literally level your game up with a standing desk, not just in terms of playing height – a stand up gaming desk will allow you to have a broader range of arm movement during action heavy moments and might even give you an edge in competitive, ranked games. 

Are L Shaped Desks Good for Gaming?

If you use multiple or large (or multiple and large at the same time) monitors, an L shaped desk can provide you the extra space you need to keep all your gaming gear in place without getting in your way. 

What Desk Should I Buy for Gaming?

We recommend electric, height adjustable gaming desks which give you the option to easily adjust your playing position depending on your needs and preferences. Sit down if you just want to relax or stand up during intensely competitive online matches – an adjustable desk gives you the ability to easily change how you play without having to move your equipment around. 

How Should You Sit at a Gaming Desk?

We like to think that you do not have to sit at all. Standing desks are gaining popularity as a healthy alternative to sitting.

What is the Best Height for a Gaming Desk?

You should be comfortable at your desk, no matter whether it is a standing or a sitting desk or an adjustable gaming desk in either position. Find out what your comfortable sitting elbow height and standing elbow heights are and choose a desk that can accommodate both scenarios. If you need buying help, just give us a call pm (07) 3063 2143 and we will happily provide you with professional advice. 

Are Gaming Desks Worth It?

We think so. Especially height adjustable, electric sit/stand gaming desks provide gamers with unparalleled ergonomics, multiple playing positions and may have health benefits, making them a worthwhile investment and a must-have part in the gaming-set up of any serious gamer. 

Are L Shaped computer gaming desks a good choice for gaming?

L shaped gaming desks are a good option for a gaming setup as they allow multiple monitor positions, so you can either double your view or multitask due to larger gaming surface space (perfect for that oversized mouse pad). Like gaming desks, many L shaped desks will be height-adjustable also. An L shaped height adjustable gaming desk is recommended for longer gaming sessions where the gaming experience is paramount.

What size should a gaming desk be?

A good gaming desk should have table top dimensions of at least 1200 x 750mm and should be large enough in size that you can easily fit at least one gaming pc monitor display on it. Ideally though, many gamers prefer a two-monitor display set up, which of course requires a larger size gaming desk.

How much are good gaming desks?

A good gaming desk can cost anywhere from $350 to $2000+ depending on the quality and size of the products in Australia. An L shaped desk is good as it will allow multiple monitors & greater desk space, and a height adjustable or standing desk with add ons like RGB lighting & audio jacks could also up the price if you’re serious about pimping your gaming battle station.

Are standing desks good desks for gamers?

Stand up desks are designed for gaming because they allow the user total flexibility of movement. Using a height adjustable table or sit stand desk for gaming allows multiple positions, which is good for spinal health support. An electric standing desk allows seamless transitions meaning no breaks in gaming! For more information or for help choosing get in touch with our PC gaming desks Australia team today!

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