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Sit Stand Desk Frames

At Zen Space Desks, we offer a wide range of high-quality sit stand desk frames perfect for both home and office environments. Retrofit your desk into a standing one with our simple, easy to install electric height adjustable desk frames, which can support desks up to four metres wide. Our standing desk frames come with USB charge ports, cable management and programmable upper and lower limits for ease of use.

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Zen Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frames

What’s the difference?


Used with the majority of our sit-stand desks including our Melamine, Hardwood, Rubberwood and Bamboo desktop ranges. Also standard on our Expert and Expert 2.0 Gaming Desks. It is a quiet, rock-solid, 2-leg system that can lift up to 140kgs. It can accomodate custom desktops up to 2.2m in length. This is our recommended system for everyday and commercial use.


The Executive Series is our 3 leg system for L-shape desks, featuring triple motors and 200kgs of lifting power. This system can be used with large, custom size L-shaped desks up to 2.2m on each side if none of our standard sizes are suitable for your space.


The Pro Plus 4-leg lifting system can easily be retrofitted to almost any desktop and is designed to support larger, deeper workstations while maximising stability. This lifting system is suitable for conference tables, workbenches and workstations with heavy equipment.

A guide to sit stand desk frames

Sit stand desk frames aka standing desks aka stand up desk frame aka electric height adjustable desk frames are a customisable, sedentary busting, and brain boosting piece of equipment. Experts recommend alternating sitting and standing through the day and an electric standing desk frame from Zen Space Desks makes doing so a breeze, all it takes is the push of a button. Thirty minutes of every hour spent standing can help with back pain, promote good blood flow, lower blood sugar, and boost energy as well as productivity.

Differences in Zen Electric Standing Desk Frames

Zen Space Desks electric adjustable desk frames come in two high quality stable styles and an L shaped variant to suit corner desks:

Custom Professional Series

Two-Legged Frame Kit Professional Series

Maintain existing aesthetics with the benefits of turning your desk into an electric height adjustable desk at a more economical price. Our two-leg frame kit utilises our popular Professional Series Lifting system boasting great stability and power.

Heavy Duty 4 Leg Frame Kit Professional Series

More power, more stability and suited to a broader range of desktop sizes. Our Professional+ lifting system is the solution for anyone requiring a deeper desktop when rock-solid stability is required. The Heavy Duty 4 Leg Frame Kit is designed to support larger, deeper workstations while maximising stability. Often used for conference desks, the system will support desks up to 4m and an industry leading 300kg making it our strongest, sturdiest, and most powerful sit-stand desk frame available!

conference room healthy stand up desk

Stand Up Frame Kit to Suit Corner Desks

An effective way to electronically control the height of your current corner L Shape desk setup. Our Stand-up Frame Kit to suit corner desks is designed for desktops up to 2400x2400mm in width while supporting an industry leading 200kg. Keep the desktops you know and love and add our electronic lifting system to improve your health, comfort, happiness, and productivity quickly and easily while at home or at work!

Benefits of a sit stand desk frame.

Burns calories

Weight gain is often a result of consuming more calories than you burn, which is why sitting all day can significantly decrease the number of calories burnt. By switching between sitting and standing, you can expect to burn up to 300 more calories a day when using a sit stand desk frame.

Reduce back pain

Sitting all day can be hard on the back, with as many as four out of five office workers citing back pain as a problem. Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frames give you the option to stand and work for at least one hour a day can significantly reduce the chances of getting back pain and gives workers the option to sit or stand as they please.

Standing increases concentration

When you sit down all day, it can result in a decrease in blood flow which can decrease energy levels. Using a sit stand desk frame forces your circulation to get flowing again, which prompts more blood flow to the brain and increases cognitive performance. In fact, studies suggest people who use desk frames are up to 12 percent more attentive and productive, which is why companies such as Google and Facebook have turned to using them.

Improve wellbeing

Multiple studies have proven the link between desk frames and good wellbeing, as many people cite feelings of increased energy and less stress. When asked to return to normal desks, workers reported feeling less positive and happy. This confirms the theory that there is a connection between a low activity/ high sedentary lifestyle and depression and anxiety.

Ready for a new type of work experience?

Zen Space Desks offers a varied selection of electric sit stand desks or a sit stand frame only that will improve your work life.

Our products are visually lovely and easy to use so please enjoy browsing our excellent sit stand desk frame selection and give us a call on 07 3063 2143 or contact us online if you have any questions about our desk frames.

All of our frames are easy to assemble and come backed by a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind!


Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to take advantage of the health and productivity boosts offered by adjustable desk frames stands to benefit from them. From professionals in the office to gamers in their lounge, these quality desks are a fantastic option. They make a great addition to schools, offices, homes, and most other work environments.

Zen Space Desks offer 3 styles of height adjustable desks that come in a variety of worktops and include a host of available accessories. Take some time to study the range of products on offer and you will be sure to find an elegant and attractive desk that suits you. Easily assembled, sturdy, rapid, and equipped with ports for the modern home and office, Zen Space desks are an excellent value for money purchase.

Yes, they are since they are better for you than a normal office desk as they can alleviate health issues and boost productivity.

Some benefits have been mentioned previously and others include lowering the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, aiding in weight loss, and can even possibly lead to a longer life.

The height of a sit stand desk frame is entirely dependent on a user’s height, but you should aim to have your standing desk at elbow height, and with elbows at a 90 degree from the floor.

A lifting system needs to be installed and after that, it just takes the push of a button. Our eco corner L-shape sit stand desk, for example, has an easy to use control system that mounts on the left or right side of your desk.

Our two leg frame kit and corner desk frame kit are suited for up to 1000mm in depth. Our heavy duty four leg electric sit stand desk frame kit covers a range starting from 1300mm and a max width of 4000mm.

This comes down to personal preference and taste. We encourage you to experiment and find a height that works best for you. Our Zen Professional stand up desk has a height range of 60-125cm while the Zen One’s height range is 73-123cm.

Yes, height adjustable desk frames are definitely worth it! Unlike conventional standing desks, which cannot be lowered, an adjustable desk can be moved any time the user feels like changing their work style. This is shown to have a positive effect on mental and physical health, and even boosts productivity levels as the user feels more energetic.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing adjustable desk frames, as each option has a different intended use. We offer corporate adjustable desk frames for straight desktops, heavy duty and corner frame kits.