Adjustable Monitor Arms

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Why Use Desk Mounted Monitor Arms?


Effortless adjustment and versatility allows easy movement of your monitor to your desired position where your screen will stay. This allows users to raise, lower, twist, turn or pivot their screen depending on whether they are standing or sitting.



Use Zen Space Desks Computer Monitor Arms to free up valuable desk space by hovering your computer screen above your desk. This creates a clutter free setup and allows us to make the most of the space we have available. Great for use in both home and corporate offices.


How do I mount my screen to a monitor arm stand?

VESA-mounting-pattern How do I mount my screen to a monitor arm?


What is a VESA mounting pattern?
A VESA pattern is the layout of the four mounting holes that can be found on the back of your monitor. In a 100 x 100 mm VESA pattern, the screw holes are arranged in a square 100 mm apart. All Zen Space Desks display mounting options use VESA plates and are compatible with 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm mounting patterns. Please ensure your monitor has the correct mounting pattern prior to purchase.

How do I know what VESA mount I have?
Look for holes on the back of your monitor and measure how far apart they are. Ensure they are arranged in a square and measure equal distance apart.

Do I need to purchase my own screws?
No, all our adjustable monitor arms and mounts come with the correct screws for mounting.

What if my monitor does not have a VESA mounting pattern?
All our computer monitor arms and mounts (except the iMac Arm) use a VESA mounting plate – if your monitor is not VESA compatible, you will be unable to use our product without an adaptor. You will need to check with the manufacturer of your monitor if this is available.

Checking if your monitor mount is VESA compatible
Some monitors may have a covering over the VESA mounting pattern. Be sure to check the back of your monitor thoroughly if you cannot see any holes resembling a VESA mounting pattern.

Handy Tips

  • Our desk mounted monitor arms are designed to be very quick to install. Check out the videos on each product page for a closer look at installation.
  • When setting up your monitor arm stand, it’s best to have your screen face down on a towel or blanket to protect your screen from damage.

What’s the difference between the monitor arm and the mount?

Monitor Arms
Monitor arms are best suited to electric sit stand desks as they are height adjustable. This allows a user to effortlessly move the screen up or down depending on their sitting or standing position. Adjustable monitor arms provide greater flexibility, therefore we recommend this solution.

Monitor Mount
While being a more economical way of clearing up valuable desk space, monitor mounts are not as easily adjusted vertically. During your setup process, you will set the height of your screens, where they will be secured into place with a clip. Adjustments can be made at a later stage.

Keep it Clean

Keep it Clean

Easy Cable Management Solutions
It’s easy to keep your desk tidy and your cables out of sight and out of mind with built-in cable management solutions. All our desk mounted monitor arms feature internal cable management, while our mounts feature external clips for keeping away unwanted tangles.


People who use a computer for work daily are able to work more productively if their visual display is ergonomically set up to suit them. Computer monitor arms are a fantastic tool for giving you more control over your workspace, making your setup as customisable and ergonomic as possible so you are able to work without strain.

You can see how easy all our monitor arms are to set up by viewing our short assembly videos here.

When purchasing a monitor arm, it’s important to consider a few factors:

  1. VESA mounting compatibility – ensure your monitor has a mounting pattern of 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm
  2. The number of monitors you use and their size – we have both dual and single monitor arms and mounts available, however many customers prefer to have two single mounts for maximum flexibility, especially if their monitors are on the large side.
  3. The weight of the monitor – please check our ‘Helpful Information’ tab on each product to determine the minimum and maximum weights of each product. We have heavy duty options available for monitors 11kg and heavier.
  4. Mounting options – all our display options are able to be mounted using a desk clamp. Our monitor arms can also be mounted through the desk using a grommet.
  5. Accessories – we have laptop mounts available if required for your setup. Other storage accessories to optimise space on your desktop can also be purchased from our accessories section.

We recommend our most popular product – our Single Monitor Arm, or the heavy duty version that is available for customers with monitors 11kg or heavier.

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