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Muvman Sit Stand Office Stool


The Muvman is suitable for:

  • Better postures – Stool lets you sit and perch in ergo-friendly postures
  • Relief – Reducing pressure on your feet without disengaging core
  • Complementary seating – Perfect to use as a supplement to your usual office chair
  • Perching made portable – Handle on the back for easy portability & light weight
  • Breathable fabric seat – Soft, stain-resistant fabric delivers better airflow
  • Reliable weighted base – Keeps you and the stool upright at all times
  • Sleek styling – Available in black

Enjoy the flexibility of the Muvman Sit Stand Office Stool which allows you to sit or stand throughout your day to meet your ergonomic requirements. The Muvman Stool sets the benchmarks for range of movement that compliments your working environment and allows for choice with comfort. Providing the greatest comfort through design using multiple joint movement plates which assists in counteracting bad habits while actively boosting productivity through the optimised workplace layout.

The active ability to sit/stand without compromise produces a producitve environment while removing the daily stress on the body. Thanks to the easy touch buttons, the movement to adjust your position regularly throughout the day is smooth and not time consuming. Along with the carrying handle this allows for fast movement around the office wether attending a meeting or at a hot desk. The daily practicality is well suited for any home or office environment while being well built enough to last any factory floor setting.

Most stools of this style are fixed frame, expensive and therefore aren’t well suited for daily office use. This stool, however, has a multiple movement joint plates and tilt in the spring strut which optimises the position of your body and the work station to reduce angular strains. With the 4° tilt, it’s large enough to make a noticeable difference allowing for practical daily use.

The flexible seat technology and cushioning allows easy body positioning ensuring free blood circulation and pleasant seat climate. Seat covered in a mixture of both breathable and hard-wearing fabric ensuring longevity of both style and shape.


Extensive Range — Adjust your height from 51cm to 84cm

Stable Foot — Non-slip rubber rim for safety support in every sitting and standing position

Tilt of the Spring Strut — Optimises the position to the workstation and extends reach

Easy Touch Buttons — In-built buttons on the seat allow for a smooth and continuous adjustment

Long-Lasting Build — Built in a purpose made facility with quality and longevity in mind


  • 1 x Muvman Sit Stand Office Stool


Seat Size34 x 32cm
Tilt 10° tilt
Seat Fabric 86 % Polyvinyl chloride, 9 % Polyester, 5 % Cotton

See the Muvman Stool in Action:



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2 Leg Sit Stand Desks$39.95 Flat Rate
3 Leg Sit Stand Desks$59.95 Flat Rate
Ergonomic Chairs$49.95 Flat Rate
Accessories$25.00 Flat Rate
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The simple answer is yes. As our goods are considered ‘awkward freight’ we require customers to inspect goods upon receiving and sign our shipping partners computer or paperwork to accept that the goods have been delivered in ‘GOOD ORDER AND CONDITION’. As sit stand desks are built from heavy materials, and are large, awkward sizes there is a greater chance of damage occurring. We will do our best to help in anyway possible should an item become damaged in transit, however are unable to claim damages from a freight provider if items have been signed for. If you are not sure, take a few photos and email them to [email protected] before signing.

If you require an ‘Authority to Leave’, please contact us after placing your order and we can arrange. This is suitable for accessories and where there is a safe and dry place to leave items. We cannot however be responsible for damage or missing items when an authority to leave is authorized.

Should an item become damaged in freight you will be required to reject it from our freight provider. Please take a few photos and email directly to [email protected] or call us on (07) 3063 2143 and we’ll access the situation on a need by need basic. We will do everything to ensure this is taken of swiftly and help where ever possible 🙂

We, along with our freight partners monitor all deliveries to ensure they are delivered in full and on time. However these are estimates only. If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to contact our team via email at [email protected] or give us a call on (07) 3063 2143. We’ll check up for you!

Please refer to the ico icon on the top (above price) on your selected product page. All our accessories and some desks are stocked and are dispatched same day if ordered before 2pm Eastern Standard Time.

Several products are built to order and may take up to 14 days to be cut depending on quantity, finish and shapes.

Our hardwood ‘Ultimate Ranges’ are hand crafted and may take up to 4 weeks to be produced.

We can pass on any special request to our freight partners and will do everything possible to ensure desks are delivered at the most suitable time for you. Please ensure to leave notes when placing your order and we’ll pass these onto our freight carriers.

Yes, our warehouse is located in Brisbane and open 8am to 4pm. Alternatively orders can also be picked up from our Melbourne office however normal shipping costs will still incur. Please note ‘Melbourne’ pickup in your order. Please ensure to select ‘local pickup’ if you wish to pickup your desk from Brisbane.

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Zen Space Desks Warranty

This product comes standard with a 10-year limited warranty. For more information on our warranties please click here.

If you require technical assistance or would like to discuss anything with us please call 07 3063 2143 or email [email protected]


The installation is fairly straight forward with only 4 screws to be inserted into the frame and 8 for the feet. We supply self-tapping screws for the desktop and you will require an electric drill to insert these. We recommend allowing up to 45 minutes to assemble this desk and suggest it’s a two person job to move the desk into position as the components are rock solid steel and quite heavy! Instructions are included, however if you run into any difficulties call our friendly team on 07 3102 4842 7 days a week and we’ll help you out 🙂

Download our simple setup instructions here

Yes. The Zen One comes with our simplified cable management channel and adhesive cable loops/clips to help you ensure no messy cables hang down from the desk.

Yes we do however we’ll need to custom build these which takes around 14 days. Any larger tops are recommended for purchase with our Professional Series Lifting System. Please contact us on 07 3102 4842 and we’ll get back to you within a few hours 🙂

Please refer to our shipping information here. This item is stocked and will be dispatched same day if ordered before 2pm.

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