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Professional & Professional+ Series Electronic Sit Stand Desks

We don’t consider our products to be ‘office desks’, rather we prefer to focus on what these Activity Based Workstations are capable of providing to you, or your team no matter your industry. Zen Space Desks have the proven capacity to enable a more productive and healthier day behind the desk by allowing users to work dynamically, altering their working position to suit their needs. The ability to take a physical break without looking away from the task at hand is critical in maintaining focus, as well as improving comfort and, of course improving your metabolic and spinal health.

Zen Space Desks Professional Series are our leading 2 leg fully automated electronic sit stand desks. Our Professional Plus range opens up new opportunities by enabling larger work area’s without compromising safety or stability. We use our Professional+ series with our conference tables and have worked with clients to provide enormous tables up to 3.6m!

Types of Pro Series Desks

All our product ranges are broken into 3 categories; Eco, Premium and Signature. Our eco range offer the best value and are available with a limited selection of colours and finishes, however house our key features such as cable management and our PPP Memory System. Upgrade to our Premium range, you’ve now got the selection of sizes, and a wide range of finishes, along with handy upgrades such as built in desk power, cable and power grommets to ensure your time spent at the desk is most suitable for your needs. Upgrade again to our Signature ranges and the list is endless. Choose from our core Natural or Walnut desktops, or go for something a little more special with a solid slab of Australian Hardwood, perhaps you fancy a leather desk, or would like to create something truly unique. For more info on our Signature ranges we suggest contacting us to ensure we can provide the best product for you needs.

Professional Series – Signature

Natural & Walnut: Available in 2 sizes, 1800×700 and 1200x70mm, these 28mm solid timber desks look absolutely stunning.

Australian Hardwood Slabs: Want to create something truly unique? Contact us and we will send you a list of what we have available. These slabs of Blue Gum are approximately 45mm thick, finished perfectly flat and varnished to provide a hard-wearing, and unique desk for your space.

Leather: We use a European Buffalo Hide, professionally cut and adhered to the desk with only the best materials. Finished with a hardwood timber edging for a completed look.

Customisation: Endless! Speak with us to find out what we can do for you.

Professional Series – Premium

Available in 54 Finish & Size Combinations to suit your space.

Select from our range of grey, white or the stunning matte black lifting systems and combine with a high quality, hard wearing melamine desktop available in a range of sizes and colours to perfectly match your space. All our Professional Series Electronic Sit Stand Desks feature leading features to improve your time at the desk. Add power grommet holes, or built in desk power to further enhance the functionality of this system. Add a monitor arm to free up valuable desk space to create a clutter free workstation. Clear desk = clear mind.

Professional Series – Economy

The best value Electric Height Adjustable Desk in the country. 

With features including our integrated cable management system, PPP Memory System© and leading performance, the Eco range provides value without compromising performance in the sit stand desk industry. The economy range is shipped same day, with desktops available in 4 popular finishes in a convenient 1600x700mm desktop, perfect for the home or office. Available with a white or grey lifting system. Learn more about our Economy range in our buying guide.


The ultimate in Power, Stability & Functionality

Take a leap forward in the design of a stand up desk and boost performance to the next level. With 4 powerful motors, the Pro+ is capable of lifting an enormous 300kg! This performance is matched with smooth and precise movement while being suitable for desktops up to 3.6m in length.

See some of the work these lifting systems are capable of here.

Why Zen Space Desks Pro Series

At Zen Space Desks we pride ourselves as the electronic height adjustable desk leaders in Brisbane and Australia. One thing that fuels our desire to be the best is the positive reviews we get from customers. But why are people impressed with our pro series desks? These are benefits of Zen Space Desks Pro Series:

Quality & Strength

Our cardinal principles are quality and absolute customer satisfaction. Whatever we produce, it must pass vigorous quality tests in different environments. The product pictured to the right had a tough life, however still serves as a reliable electronic sit stand desk in our head office. Pictured with a 24kg desktop plus a grueling additional 125kg performs without missing a beat. Need to lift more, or need to go to a larger desktop without losing critical stability? Upgrade to our Professional Plus range.

Weight Ratings:

Professional Series (2 Leg Electronic Sit Stand Desk) : 120kg

Professional Plus (4 Leg Electronic Sit Stand Desk) : 300kg

Cable Management Solution

Clear desk, clear mind. Our Cable Management System runs the width of your desk, expands laterally making it suitable for all desk sizes supported by our Professional Lifting System.

Easily accessible, yet hidden from sight makes this feature a necessity for any sit stand desk. Either wrap your cables around the back of the desk and straight into the channel, or drop through the desk. Compatible with our Monitor Arms, desk power and data solutions along with Power Pass.

1Plug© Power Station

Eliminates having more than 1 power cable running from your desk to power socket. 1Plug© integrates with our Cable Management Channel, allowing power cables from your devices to run through the channel, and into the power station. (Available December 2017)

Ease of Use

PPP Memory System. A state of the art micro-processor controlled lifting system ensure your desk moves smoothly, in sync and is constantly measuring data ensuring everything is in line and not in contact with any obstacles. Should your desk hit a chair on its way down, or a window cill for example, your Zen Space Desk will stop and return in the opposite direction. PPP allows you to program up to 4 memory presets, set upper and lower limits, along with a range of other features. To learn more about programming, contact Zen Space Desks.

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