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About the desktop finishes

With a wide range of electronic sit stand desks, Zen Space Desks aims to cater for all desk enthusiasts who would like to take a leap forward in improving their day behind a desk.

Our widest range includes:

Eco Range

Designed to ship quickly, get you on your feet while including all the standard Zen Space Desk Features our ecotops are made here in Brisbane and available only in our Polar White finish companioned with a white or grey electronic lifting system These desks, are built using an eco laminate and come with our standard 5 year warranty.

Premium Range

Most popular and the widest stocked range in Australia. These sit stand desks are available in a range of high quality Laminex laminates, and are built right here in Brisbane.

These tops also come with pre-drilled holes at the perfect width to maximise stability and simplify the setup process saving you time messing around measuring and drilling.

Companioned with your choice of a white, grey or stunning matte black lifting system will allow you to create a desk to suit your exact needs. Here’s some information on the desktop finishes:

Polar White:

Clean + Modern + Timeless. If you are after a desk to suit any office, you can’t go past white. This top doesn’t show finger prints and is super easy to clean. For a look that fits into any location combine this desk with our grey or white lifting system. For a slick, ultra modern look pair this desk with our matte black lifting system. Check out some pictures here.

Burnished Wood:

Slick + Modern. This finish with a subtle woodgrain throughout is easily our most popular finish and looks fantastic on any of our leg colours. Dark grey shows hints of purple, not overpowering. Be sure to give this desk a wipe down once a week with a product like Mr Sheen to keep fingerprints out of sight. Try adding a Polar white edge colour with the top and match it with our white legs for a great look. Match with grey legs to make fit into any environment or go dark and dark with our matte black legs.

Curly Birch:

A very light timber look, fits in well with an environment with light tiles, carpet/carpet tiles. Works well with grey or white legs.

Select Beech:

Seen in many offices we’ve worked in is the popular beech finish. Choose this colour to match existing furniture. Matched
best with grey or white legs.

Red Cherry:

Again, this colour is one of the more popular office cabinets and desk finishes. Match existing furniture. Works well
with grey or white legs.


New to Zen Space Desks is the Natural Zebrano finish and we absolutely love it! As a quality laminate it shows realistic
hints of real timber, and looks great with a white edge tape. Best matched with white or grey legs.

Tip: Want to mix it up a little? We can put any edge colour on any of our stocked desktop finishes. Check out
some of the work below – if this is something you’re after simply mention your desired colour in the check out process
and we will email you a picture of the combination for confirmation prior to initializing production. Or, speak with one
of our team members here.

Signature Range

A little bit special, unique and truly designed to create an impression and a great Zen Space. Choose from our beautiful
timber tops or go one step beyond and choose a rough edge or smoothed slab of stunning Australian Hardwood. Cut, planed
and finished here in Brisbane, these tops provide an satisfying place to nut out your work, and turn heads when seen
by your friends, colleagues and visitors to your office. If you want a sit stand desk that is truly unique, see our range
here or contact us here.


Available in a small size of 1200x700mm and a large size if 1800x700mm (28mm thick) these tops are made from rubberwood and
display beautiful timber characteristics. Finished in a light clear coat, these tops fit well into any environment and
look best with our white or grey legs.


Also available in a small size of 1200x700mm and a large size if 1800x700mm (28mm thick) these desktops are dark, show hints
of gold when under light and dark walnut throughout. Matched perfectly with our matte black lifting system.

Australian Hardwood:

Choose from a natural or square edge that seamlessly moves up and down at the press of a button. These desks are truly
unique and are sustainably sourced from within Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern New South Wales. Timbers
include Blue Gum, Camphur Laurel, Dark Cedar, Silky Oak and Hoop Pine available. Please contact us for any custom requirements.
Tops are generally 35 – 40mm thick and we recommend use on our Quattro Lifting Systems.


Traditionally, writing desks were finished with a dark green leather which provided a solid worktop which was slightly
nicer on the hands than hardwood or laminate. To modernize the range, Zen Space Desks offers a range of finishes which
are shown below, including the traditional green seen in many movie scenes, barrister chambers and luxury offices.

Corporate Solutions

Taking your team to the next level

Zen Space Desks has worked with many leading brands around the country including Carman’s Kitchen, LJ Hooker, NSW Health,
OPSM and many other brands to bring flexibility, health, comfort and an improvement in human performance.

This is as investment in your staff’s health


Calculating depreciation on Zen Space Desks

Coming Soon.

Custom Requirements

As all our premium and Signature desktops are built to order, we have the ability to customize finish and sizing to your exact requirements. If you have any specific finishes you are looking to match there is a good chance we’ll have access to it. Simply contact us here. Costs may vary from what is displayed on our website.

Finding the right desk for my space

We often receive many requests in helping our clients select the right size desk for the office. You would be surprised at how much space you actually have. Below are a few tips and techniques to help you choose

Room sizing

Masking tape mock up:


Use a tape measure and some masking tape to measure out where you’d want your desktop to be sitting. This helps to visualize how much space you’ll have to work with when the desk is in place.

Wasted Space:

If your office is a little on the smaller side and you feel there is a side to the room that is going to be wasted with a small desk, you may want to consider a corner desk or a ‘L-shape’ desk to help you make the most of the available space. Ckeck out Zen Space Desks Executive Range.

Do you work with a lot of paper?

If you’re quite paper heavy you may want to consider a slightly deeper desk to provide more room to play with. Free up additional desk space by utilising Zen Space Desks which open up plenty of what was previously wasted space under-neath of your Monitor Arms.

Additional Storage

If you are looking for under desk storage solutions the traditional caddy is always a good option. When looking for a caddy ensure its height doesn’t exceed 600mm to ensure your desks lowest position isn’t compromised. It’s important to be seated correctly. Check out this article on the perfect sitting position. Using a height adjustable desk ensures you’ll be able to achieve this position perfectly.

If your under desk storage does exceed the minimum height of the desk, you can set the lower limits on the desk to ensure it cannot hit this obstacle. Check out the video below or click here for the instruction manual.

Privacy & Noise Dampening

If your desk faces outwards we suggest adding a modesty panel to your desk. We suggest finishing the modesty panel in the same colour as the desk, however can also supply other options. Check out our store for more information.

Pinnable, acoustic partitions are available from Zen Space Desks. Check these out in our store. Note these are built to order by a partner of ours in Melbourne and take around 14 days to complete. They will be shipped seperately

Under-stand the Key Features of our electronic sit stand desks

Cable Management

This is arguably one of the most spoken about features of Zen Space Desks. And… its free! All Zen Space Desks come standard with our innovative cable management solution because who likes messy cables. They say out of mind, out of sight, myself personally – if I see messy cables or any cable on my desk or sit stand desk I ensure I get up and fix it – what a distraction! Further to the above, the cable management system works in sync with the below Zen Space Desks products:

  • Monitor arms: Cables seamlessly drop over the back of the desk and tuck into the channel, or mount your monitor arm thru desk and drop cables straight into the channel.
  • 1Plug™: Cables pop out of the channel and plug into our 1Plug™ power management system ensuring you only have 1 power cable running from the desk to your wall
  • Cable Grommets: Select Cable Grommets with your desk and these are placed over your cable management channel ensuring any cable pushed into the grommet doesn’t drop out underneath the desk. Instead you can feed it through the cable management channel.
  • Power Pass™: Add a Power Pass™ grommet to your selection and your

Looking after your desk

Cleaning your desk

Eco and Premium Desks: A product like Mr Sheen or Ajax Spray and Wipe do the trick just fine. Use weekly to keep fingerprints away on the darker finishes.

Hardwood: Use soapy water and a cloth to gently wipe down your desktop. Don’t use excessive soap as this may damage the finish.

Lifting Systems: Use a damp soapy cloth or sponge and lightly wipe down your frame.


Zen Space Desks are built to last and do not require any maintenance during their lifecycle. Should you experience any technical issues please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide or feel free to contact us.

Standing tips & Fun Facts

Coming Soon… “Beer Ergonomics”

Ever wondered why most bars have a rail or foot rest that run around the outside of the bar counter? Well this is to improve your comfort, which intern leads to you standing longer, and drinking more. Studies from back in the 60’s found that where no bar rails were installed the average customer drank two beers, however with the bar rail in place this number increased to over three. Drink 2 beers and you’re willing to go home, drink 3 and you’ll probably end up drinking 10.

Check out a few options we have below to aid your standing time. Including a retro and modern twist on the bar rail!


The Wobble Board

Check out our wobble boards, these take point pressure off your feet and allow you to move around a little, plus they’re a bit of fun. We’ve found we stand more with these products which are a really affordable hack. Check them out in our store here


Anti Fatigue Mats

New! Treadmill Desk.

No you’re not running on this treadmill! Infact we’ve built it utilising a high torque low power motor which is designed to run at low speeds (0.5 – 6km/h) for long periods of time. While you may think it would be hard to concentrate when using this system, you’d be surprised at how quickly you forget you’re actually on it (don’t worry its got a safety system ensuring you don’t walk off it and fall!)

Aim to walk at a pace of around 0.8 – 1.2km/h depending on your height for a period of 30 minutes or so. We guarantee you that you’ll feel it in your calves the next day and additionally burn an extra X% calories per hour! Check out the video below.


Don’t try stand all day from the get go. Too much standing, along with too much sitting can both be detrimental to your health. Check out these tips from our valued client & Chiropractor.

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