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Standing Desk Must Have Accessories

If you’re looking to purchase, or have already purchased, a sit stand desk or height adjustable desk, there are a few accessories you could invest in to make your experience that little bit (or a lot) more enjoyable and comfortable. From ergonomics to convenience, there are an abundance of standing desk must have accessories that you’ll soon learn you can’t live without.

In this blog, we have put together a list of the best standing desk accessories that we recommend investing in for your new or existing setup.

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Best Standing Desk Accessories

Anti-fatigue Sit Stand Mat

We understand that after a while, standing can become tiring – especially on your feet. This is mostly due to standing on hard surfaces, even if you are wearing comfortable and supportive shoes. But supporting your body shouldn’t stop there. By adding an anti-fatigue sit stand mat, you’re giving your feet, legs, and your spine an extra layer of support and comfort while you’re standing at your desk.

There is an array of anti-fatigue mats on the market, ranging from different sizes, materials and firmness, giving you an opportunity to find the mat that best suits your body. At Zen Space Desks, we offer these mats to purchase with your new desk, giving you the chance to elevate your experience while working or gaming.

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Zen elevated laptop stand

The Zen Elevated Laptop Stand gives users the opportunity to raise their laptop to the correct ergonomic height – in line with their monitors, to save their neck from straining by looking down. Not only are they great for the sake of your neck and posture, but they are portable, meaning you can take your laptop stand with your wherever you go to ensure you’re working correctly.

Not only are these laptop stands great for your laptop itself, but they can also be utilised for books, tablets, eReaders and so much more. These laptop stands are all about ergonomic comfort, saving you the hassle of a strained neck or back pain from sitting awkwardly for too long. Whether you’re at your desk, on the sofa, or even in the back of a car on a road trip, your laptop stand can be there for you.

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Zen Under Desk Drawer

Desk drawers are common for those who have a desk at home or in their office, and they’re a great way to reduce clutter and keep your space looking tidy and clean. In some instances, desk drawers take up too much floor space and can even eliminate leg room. If you’re wanting to get some extra drawer space for your desk, but you don’t want to lose any of the space you have around you, we have a solution.

With the Zen Under Desk Drawer, you can remove the clutter from your desk and store it in a place that isn’t going to cost you your leg room. The padded drawer simply attaches to your standing desk on the underside, keeping itself out of sight and out of mind until it’s needed. These desks are also lockable, keeping any valuables safe while also providing a shelf on top of the drawer where you can store your laptop, tablet, or notebooks.

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Ecopanel Desk Partition

Standing desk partitions are a great way to provide a level of privacy and noise control for those who work in an open plan office, and also improve aesthetics with their modern and streamlined construction. In the age of Covid-19, desk partitions are a great way to implement social distancing into office spaces, giving employees enough separation while still allowing them the opportunity to communicate and collaborate.

The Zen Ecopanel Desk Partition is one of our top recommended staning desk must have accessories, and is constructed from 60% recycled PET plastic bottles, keeping single use plastic our of landfill and our oceans. They are durable, hard-wearing and offer a 10 year life expectancy while remaining recyclable for the future as well.

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