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Swipe to Stand

Swipe to Stand

Did you know that technology can actually help with your health?

Don’t believe me? Read on…

So we already know the health benefits of a Zen Space height adjustable table, and we know about the cool electronic lifting system tech, but what happens when you get into work, sit down and forget that you have a height adjustable stand up desk? Here’s where technology is here to help.

The Apple Watch has a great little feature called Stand, this helps the user tackle the sedentary lifestyle that now affects most of us within the office and at home. Equipped with stand goals and stand notifications this feature works extremely well with the Zen Space height adjustable desk, aiding and reminding you of your sit and stand movements. According to a survey of 1500 Apple Watch users, conducted by Wristly, technology is helping with health awareness:

  • 78% of those wearing the Watch were more aware of their overall health
  • Due to the Stand-Up reminder 74% believe they are standing up more and being more active just because of this prompt
  • 83% assess positive health change

But if you don’t have an Apple Watch, like myself, there are a plethora of standing reminder apps that can be downloaded to your phone, computer, or other device to remind you that it’s time to STAND UP. Apps such as Stand Up! and StandApp are available to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Zen Space Desks is currently working on innovative technology allowing you to control your desk, or entire office desks, from your smartphone incorporating a “stand up” reminder.

Find your way to a better day.

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