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The Health Benefits of Standing

The World Health Organization has ranked physical inactivity as one of the top five causes of death globally. Additionally, the average full-time Australian office employee spends over 6.2 hours seated at work. Understanding the benefits of standing while working is critical for your health, which is why finding an optimal mix between standing at sitting at work is important. Taking advantage of the benefits of standing can positively impact your health and effectiveness at work. To maximise the benefits of working standing up, you should have a well-organised standing desk and ergonomic office equipment.

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Health Benefits of Standing

Intermittent standing during work or breaks can reduce health risks and increase productivity. Combining standing with a spacious organised workspace and ergonomic equipment can create a strong positive effect on the health and environment of the office.

Back Pain Relief

A common ailment throughout Australia is lower back pain; over 20% of Australians have reported suffering from a bad back. One of the many benefits of working standing up is the reduction in pressure on the spine caused by prolonged sitting. Electric adjustable desks make a great solution, as you can stand to relieve the stress on your back then sit down when you start to feel tired of standing.

Stress Reduction

Stress at the workplace is caused by numerous factors: deadlines, complicated projects, or uncooperative team members for example. Additionally, slouching or hunching over a desk only adds more stress to your body. Standing can help make you feel refreshed and give you the chance to stretch your sore muscles.

Reduced Weight Gain

Sitting at your desk all day can lead to weight gain but switching between standing and sitting can help you burn more calories. Take advantage of the benefits of standing while working to help use more calories. Some reports have indicated that up to 170 more calories can be consumed by simply standing up during the afternoon.

Lower Blood Sugar

The drowsy lull after lunch could be attributed to a spike in blood sugar and reports have indicated sitting can cause even higher rises in blood sugar levels. Lower blood sugar spikes were experienced by workers who stood or switched between sitting and standing.

Better Overall Health

The benefits of standing can help you avoid poor health. Incorporating standing into your work routine helps you be more active which can:

  • Improve circulation and reduce swelling, especially in the legs
  • Increase bone density
  • Reduce the risk of heart attacks
  • Lower cholesterol

Take advantage of adjustable sit stand desks and boost your physical activity today!

Productivity Benefits of Standing While Working

Increases in general productivity and alertness have been reported by team members who stood while completing their projects. One report indicated a 23% increase in productivity during the first month which increased to 53% during the following six months.

Boosts to Concentration

Standing efficiently pumps more blood to your brain which helps you stay keenly focused. Prolonged sitting can lead to a sense of things slowing down and a loss of concentration.

More Energy

Using an electric standing desk can give you a boost in energy. Standing up for even small parts of the day has been reported to help boost energy levels. Switching between sitting and standing can also positively impact mental health because changing positions helps reduce anxiety and depression.

Better Job Performance

Finally, one of the best benefits of standing is the improvement it can have on your job performance. You may work harder and more efficiently while you’re standing in order to complete your work and be able to sit down. The idea behind “stand-up meetings” uses a similar principle.

Interested in Being More Productive and Healthier?

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