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The Science Behind Standing Desks

The world of technology is ever changing, and science continues to determine beneficial ways in which we can complete our everyday tasks. The science behind standing desks reveals that sitting for prolonged periods of time, especially for office workers, can cause significant health issues throughout a person life; however, transitioning to standing while working encourages an active and healthy lifestyle.

Standing desk research has shown that office environments that have transitioned to standing desks have seen a boost in employee productivity. Most of these studies prove that individuals that normally have a sedentary work life see improved engagement during work hours along with decreased musculoskeletal problems that occur from sitting all day.

If you’re looking for information on the science behind standing desks, this blog is for you. We’ve collated the most important information so that you can make more of an informed decision on swapping from sitting to standing desks.

Sit Stand Desk Research

There have been many studies that compare those who work from a standing desk to those who work sitting down, and the results are very interesting. In a trial called “Stand Up to Work: Assessing the Health Impacts of Adjustable Workstations”, workers were divided into two groups, one group worked with height adjustable desks, and the others worked sitting down. These groups were managed over a 12 month period, with the standing desk research showing that standing for a few hours during the day increases worker productivity, concentration and overall improved their health.

Sedentary Lifestyles

As the world progresses, sedentary lifestyles are ever present and the cause for many negative health effects. Sedentary behaviour is the lack of activity and something that doesn’t increase energy above the resting level. Standing desk research reveals that the growth in sedentary behaviour directly affects vascular health, metabolism, and bone mineral content, to name a few. Low physical activity paired with a sedentary lifestyle have also been associated with obesity, an increase in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular mortality, and all-cause mortality as well.

The Difference in Caloric Expenditure

Findings across a range of international sit stand desk research programs show that calories are burned at a greater level when students or workers are incorporating a standing desk into their day – increasing their movements in comparison to sitting for prolonged periods. Energy is increased substantially more within those who transitioned to a standing desk, with implications of weight loss increasing per year due to increased movement.

Improvement in Posture

The science behind standing desks also shows implications in the improvement in posture. Students, workers, and even gamers have experienced some sort of back and/or neck strain from sitting in uncomfortable or awkward positions for hours on end at a standard desk. This is generally due to the way our necks and backs are situated when sitting, as lots of people tend to slouch, hunch, or lean to feel ‘comfortable’. When using a standing desk, experienced back and neck pain could significantly improve, along with general posture even when individuals sit back down after a few hours of standing.

Cognitive Performance

Sitting for long hours increases fatigue in students and employees, which is why standing desks have seen such a great impression on the general public. Standing desks provide an alternative to improve sedentary behaviour that is associated with conventional workspaces such as seating and generic desks etc. Because of the increase in movement that comes with standing desks, sit stand desk research shows that blood sugar levels are improved, general activity, attention, and overall cognitive function.

In Conclusion…

Standing desk research shows that the use of standing desks and height adjustable desks provide great cognitive function along with plenty of other health benefits for students and employees, making them a great transition from the everyday desk and chair. There are an abundance of research programs undertaking trials on standing desks in comparison to sitting, with positive findings making the decision to transform your office an easier one.

If you’re looking to create a positive work environment, but you’re not sure where to start, consider implementing one of the many choices of standing and height adjustable desks as the first step. After all, positive work environments and increased engagement with employees is a major benefit to work life and return in general.

Ready to Transition to a Standing Desk?

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