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Got an error code? Try manually resetting your desk and check the table below to find resolutions to common error codes.

Error Codes


Error Code




Overload in downwards direction has occurred

Please check if the load is over weight capacity. If not, please disconnect the power and reconnect after 10 minutes. If ER1 is still shown on the panel, contact us.


Over-heating in the controller has occurred and needs to cool.

Your desk is in thermal protection mode. This is normally nothing to worry about, and usually is an indication that the system has experienced above-normal operating temperature due to a number possibilities including environment, desktop weight, or activity that is above rated specifications. Allow your desk to cool down and remain idle for approximately 20 minutes. If the ER2 continue to be displayed on the control panel after the allotted time, please contact us.


Motor cable connection fault

Disconnect the desk from power and check all cable connections. Reconnect to power and complete a system reset. If ER3 is still displayed, please contact us.


Legs at different heights

Please ensure the sync rod is installed correctly and complete the reset process. If ER4 is still displayed or the legs will not sync, please contact us.


Voltage overload has occurred

If the control panel is unresponsive and you are unable to adjust the desk, please disconnect from power and ensure all cables are connected correctly. Reconnect to power after 10 minutes. If ER5 is still displayed, please contact us.

Please Note
1. Thermal protection function The unit will enter protective mode if the system operate in excess of two minutes with “HDT” on the controller display. The system will reset and return to normal operation after approximately 20 minutes.
2. Overload protection mode While operating, if the load on the desk is over weight capacity, the system will enter into an overload protection mode. This will protect the system from damages caused by exceeding weight. When this happens, the desk will move downward approximately 30mm and come to a stop with the current height displayed.
3. Please do not disconnect the power in order to reset the unit when it is in a protective mode or “HOT” state.


Error Code





Please allow 20 minutes of resting so the lifting system can cool. If problems persist, please contact Zen Space Desks.


Disconnect and reconnect the power

E07 – E09

Flip your control box and plug in the cables on the opposite sides. Complete a manual reset. If this error persists, please contact us.

Any other code

Please ensure all cable connections are secure and that the weight on your desktop is below the maximum threshold. Complete a manual reset. If problems persist, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: If you notice 1 leg isn’t moving, immediately stop the reset procedure, unplug the desk and wait 1 minute. Now check all the connections and plug back in. Continue with the reset procedure. If 1 of the legs still doesn’t move please contact us.